Compensation possible following a drunk driving accident

Accidents involving drunk drivers seem to happen far too often in the state of Illinois. When they do, victims or — in the event of fatality — their surviving family members may feel lost, hopeless and angry, among other things. While nothing can change what has happened, with assistance, achieving compensation following a drunk driving accident may be possible, which may help victims or their loved ones move forward.

Following a serious car accident, it is common practice for police investigators to test all drivers involved for possible impairment. This may be done with field sobriety testing, but it is usually done with chemical testing. Examples of chemical testing include breath tests and blood tests. Breath tests may be completed roadside or at a police station. Blood testing is typically completed at a medical facility.

Victims of drunk driving accidents, or their loved ones, who wish to seek relief have to be able to prove the responsible party was, in fact, impaired at the time of the crash. The information from police reports can help them do this. They also have to prove that the individual responsible failed to exercise what the courts call reasonable care. This means his or her actions showed a disregard for public safety. Again, this information may be found by looking at police reports or witness statements.

If all the necessary elements exist in one’s case and it is possible to establish negligence, compensation may be easily achieved, either through out-of-court negotiations or litigation in an Illinois civil court. How much one receives will depend on a number of factors. Legal counsel can review the details of one’s case, help one determine how much the case is worth and help one fight for maximum relief.