Common catalyst in legions of car accidents: third-party negligence

The material facts that underlie every motor vehicle accident are flatly unique. Notably, though, one key factor commonly exists that both figuratively and literally drives crashes and other adverse roadway outcomes.

That is third-party negligence marked by the careless or inattentive behind-the-wheel conduct of a driver. Legions of accidents occur daily in Illinois, Missouri and elsewhere across the country because a motorist’s failure to exercise due care yielded stark downsides for other parties sharing the road.

We duly note that at the Johnston Law Offices in Edwardsville, where our deep legal team has provided diligent best-case results for accident victims and their families for decades. Our website underscores the key – and often tragically sad – role that negligence too often plays in causing accidents.

And it especially emphasizes this: “Whatever the reason for the negligence, the results are the same: serious personal injury or wrongful death” for crash victims.

The immediately sobering fact about negligence-linked accident outcomes is that they are preventable. The law recognizes that, enabling knowledgeable and aggressive legal advocates to secure meaningful legal remedies for victims and their loved ones.

Johnston law attorneys seek maximum money damages for valued injury clients that fully address all recovery sources. All negligent parties are identified. A full accident investigation is conducted. Insurance matters are fully dealt with.

Importantly, too, tailored and empathetic advocacy focuses on securing a recovery across all relevant spheres. Those broadly include payment for medical bills, compensation for lost wages, therapy/rehabilitation outlays, property damage sustained, and pain and suffering.

Accident victims should reasonably feel empowered, not powerless, in the wake of a negligence-tied personal injury. Experienced and impassioned attorneys can promote that empowerment by pursuing optimal results on their behalf.