Car vibrations: A drowsy driving risk?

It is something Illinois drivers are likely very familiar with: The faint vibrations in their vehicle when the engine is running. Might this very common thing increase the chances of a driver feeling sleepy at the wheel? A recent study suggests that the answer may be yes.

In the study, from Australia, participants were put into a virtual simulation of monotonous driving under two different sets of circumstances. One was with low frequency vibrations and the other was without these vibrations. The study looked at how fatigued the participants were under these two conditions.

The study found that, when the participants were in the simulator with vibrations, they generally displayed signs of drowsiness 15 minutes after the simulation’s start. The drowsiness typically reached significant levels by 30 minutes after the start of the simulation.

So, it appears that the low frequency vibrations typical in cars may have the potential to make individuals more vulnerable to feeling tired behind the wheel. Now, the study did indicate that it also might be possible for vibrations to be turned into a preventer of, rather than contributor to, drowsy feelings. Specifically, the research postulated that there might be frequencies of vibrations that could encourage alertness.

One wonders what findings future research will make on this topic, and whether such research will lead to any shifts in automobile design.

Drowsy driving is very dangerous, having the potential to cause serious auto accidents. So, it is very important for drivers here in Illinois to understand what kind of things could put them at risk of getting tried behind the wheel. The study’s suggestion that a common aspect of modern cars may increase vulnerability to feeling drowsy underscores how critical it is for drivers to keep a close eye on how tired they are at the wheel. Drivers who feel they are getting too tired to drive safely should promptly take steps to safely get themselves off of the roads.

When individuals are harmed by drowsy drivers, they may have many questions and concerns related to their legal rights regarding compensation. Such accident victims can seek out guidance from personal injury attorneys when it comes to such questions and concerns.