Car crashes through home in Edwardsville

An Edwardsville woman’s coffee break on Monday proved to be her saving grace. The mother was stopping by Starbuck’s with her son after dropping her daughter off at school Monday morning when a Chevy Silverado plowed into the family’s home on Esic Drive. The woman said that she and her son decided to stop for coffee on a whim that morning; and had they been home at the time of this car accident the results could have been catastrophic.

The person who drove the vehicle into a mailbox and through the living room of this family’s home reportedly had a medical issue that led him to leave the road. It is unclear whether he was injured in the car accident. He will not face criminal charges, according to The Edwardsville Intelligencer.

While this accident may not have been avoidable, the woman said that this accident was a reminder of just how dangerous Esic Drive can be. She says that speeding is a problem on the street, and that she would like the city to install speed bumps before another serious car accident takes place.

Luckily, this family was not injured in this car accident, but this is still a reminder that car accidents can happen in an instant and change lives forever. In some cases, such as when an unpredictable medical event takes place, accidents may be unavoidable. In others, distracted driving, drunk driving and other forms of negligence are to blame. It is important that members of our community act responsibly in order to avoid dangerous car accidents, and that cities and counties also do their part to keep roads safe.

Source: The Edwardsville Intelligencer, “Vehicle slams into Esic Drive home,” April 23, 2013

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