Car crash advice from the Illinois State Police

On its website, our state’s law enforcement agency describes its mission this way: “The Illinois State Police will promote public safety to improve the quality of life in Illinois.” Part of that mission is to help motorists prepare for the unpleasant reality that they might one day be injured in a motor vehicle accident.

No one wants that, of course, but it always better to be ready for the possibility. The Illinois State Police says that one component of preparation is to compile a list of contacts that you will carry with you in your vehicle at all times.

The law enforcement agency says that having that contact list makes life a little bit easier for first responders who need to get in touch with your family members.

“Pretty much in every crash it seems like a lot of times people are transported from the scene,” Illinois State Police Lieutenant Mark Gillock said. “We obviously have ways of identifying them from the other personnel on scene or going through registration cards.”

He said that having a contact list attached to your auto insurance card and registration simplifies matters for the responders. In that way, police can tell your contacts where you have been taken for medical care. In turn, your contacts can then be with you as soon as possible to offer the emotional support so important to the injured.

Those who have been hurt in traffic crashes should also contact an attorney experienced in helping clients get maximum compensation for all damages.