Car accident victim’s families may be eligible for compensation

When raising a child, parents childproof their homes, encourage their children to wear helmets when riding bicycles, teach kids to look both ways before crossing the street and other things in attempt to protect their children from dangers in the world. Unfortunately, a parent cannot always control the actions of other people that may bring harm to their child. Recently in Illinois, a mother and daughter lost their lives in a car accident due to the apparent reckless driving of another man.

According to the initial investigation, a 32-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter were in a Chevrolet Suburban, waiting to turn left at a green light when tragedy struck. Witnesses relayed to authorities that the driver of a red sedan appeared to be speeding through the intersection, with no attempt to slow down. The impact between the two vehicles caused the Suburban to roll over, ejecting both the mother and the daughter.

Both victims were transferred to a nearby medical facility, but they did not survive their injuries. Although the sedan driver suffered serious injuries, he is expected to recover. Police have not yet determined if the driver was under the influence of any substance at the time of the accident.

A family has lost two loved ones due to the tragic car accident. Unfortunately, while dealing with their grief, they will have to contend with medical bills and funeral expenses, among other financial losses. Illinois personal injury attorneys can advise families of their rights to pursue wrongful death claims in a civil court. If a driver is found to have been negligent, based the evidence presented in court, compensation may be awarded. Compensation can help to alleviate much of the financial stress during an understandably difficult time.

Source:, “Woman, girl dead in crash near East St. Louis, police say”, Dana Rieck, Jan. 20, 2017