Car accident: Seizure disorder may soon have to be reported

Under Illinois laws, drivers who suffer from conditions that may cause unconsciousness — or impair driving in any way — must report the condition to the office of the Secretary of State. If the condition is successfully treated, a release proving that the condition is being monitored by a physician will be required to allow a driver to get behind the wheel of a car again. Lawmakers now aim to get seizures added to the list of reportable conditions after a tragic car accident in DeKalb County.

In that crash, two people lost their lives when the driver of a vehicle suffered a seizure while driving. Drivers who fail to report medical conditions that may impair their ability to drive do not only risk their own lives, but also the lives of innocent passengers, occupants of other vehicles and even pedestrians. Even if they believe they have the condition under control and have not suffered seizures for months, one unanticipated incident may result in severe injury or death.

However, not all lawmakers agree, and some believe it will put undue pressure on those following the rules. Those who proposed the bill argue that it is one more way to lessen injuries and deaths on Illinois roads. After the bill was passed in the House, it was moved to the Senate for voting.

Any Illinois resident who has suffered injuries — or lost a loved one — in a car accident that resulted from a driver suffering a medical condition may be able to pursue compensation for medical and other expenses. A consultation with an experienced car accident attorney may serve to determine the viability of a personal injury or wrongful death claim. A lawyer will gather the necessary evidence and establish whether the rules related to reportable medical conditions were followed.

Source:, “Drivers with seizure disorders may face restrictions”, Jessica Kunz, June 10, 2015