Car accident on I-80 involving 4 cars caused multiple injuries

Eastbound Illinois travelers on Interstate 80 might have experienced delays on a recent Friday afternoon. The delay was caused by a 4-vehicle car accident that occurred on a section of the interstate where one lane was closed for road construction work. Motorists were held up for approximately one hour while authorities cleared the road and investigated the accident.

An accident report indicated that a 32-year-old driver of a sedan was eastbound on I-80, when, for unknown reasons, she smashed into the rear of another vehicle. The impact of the collision reportedly caused a chain reaction in which two more vehicles were rear-ended. The series of accidents caused multiple vehicle occupants to suffer injuries.

The injured victims were all transported to a medical facility. At first, it was believed that nobody suffered serious injuries. However, upon closer examination, the condition of a 70-year-old passenger in one of the vehicles seemed more severe, and she was airlifted to a facility in Peoria. Although the accident investigation is ongoing, the driver who was deemed responsible for the initial collision is facing charges of causing an accident because she failed to reduce speed.

All the injured victims of this four-car accident may wish to exercise their rights to pursue financial relief through an Illinois civil court. Personal injury claims may be filed against the negligent driver. However, establishment of negligence will be required before the court will consider the validity of documented claims. These may include all financial losses and emotional damages that were brought about by the accident. Once the court has adjudicated the claims, it may enter monetary judgments.

Source:, “Passenger airlifted after 4-car pileup on I-80“, Gerold Shelton, July 9, 2016