Car accident kills 11-year-old Illinois boy

Car accidents occur more frequently than Americans would like. Thankfully, much of the time, a car accident occurs and no one is injured in the collision; however, sometimes these crashes can result in injuries to one or both drivers as well as passengers in either car. Unfortunately, these accidents can be fatal. While every life is precious and every fatal car accident is a tragedy, it is even more tragic when an innocent child is killed in the collision. An Illinois 11-year-old was recently killed in a fatal car accident.

According to the police report, the suspect was driving on Illinois 104 when she drove into the ditch. As she swerved back out of the ditch, her car slammed into the side of another car heading in the same direction. The driver and front seat passenger were taken to an area hospital, and the women were released, but sadly the boy who was riding in the backseat died at the scene.

Why the suspect drove into the ditch is not specified in the report. It is also unspecified whether or not alcohol was involved in the accident. The suspect was, however, cited at the scene with failure to reduce speed, reckless driving, improper driving on the shoulder and improper lane usage.

Whether or not the suspect will face a criminal trial is pending on the outcome of the investigation. Regardless of whether an arrest is eventually made, depending on the investigation into the car accident, the two Illinois women, who were family members of the boy, could be entitled to personal injury suits for themselves. They may also be entitled to a wrongful death claim for the death of the boy, which will help pay for the pain and suffering the family is enduring as well as funeral costs.

Source:, “Springfield woman cited in crash that killed Quincy boy, 11,” July 18, 2013