Car accident injuries and death result after dispute in truck

People in today’s society are given a wealth of information and tools on how to protect themselves. Each year new studies and technology become available, designed to make people safer than ever before. Though a person can take every precaution to protect themselves, there are times that the actions of others can present a danger and injury that was not anticipated. Unexpected injury can be very costly in different forms, ranging from the loss of wages to medical bills and emotional distress. Recently, in Illinois, car accident injuries and one death appear to be the result of a domestic dispute between a couple in a semi-truck. 

As police begin the investigation of the November incident, 911 calls have offered many clues. Dispatchers reported calls of a semi-truck traveling at very fast speeds on the highway just prior to the accidents. Some witnesses also reported that it appeared as if the couple in the truck were in the middle of a domestic dispute. One witness even reported that the female passenger jumped from the truck as it was moving, making it a possible a key factor in the multi-car collision.

Four injuries were reported as a result of the crashes. The truck driver was one of the injured and treated at a nearby medical center for minor injuries. Sadly, one of the drivers of the cars did not survive the accident.

The car accident is still under investigation, and the driver of the big rig is being held in police custody pending formal charges. The injured car accident victims are likely entitled to seek compensation in civil court to help with the unexpected medical bills and loss of wages they may have incurred. The surviving loved ones of the deceased victim may also benefit from speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney about their options for a wrongful death suit an Illinois civil court. While compensation will not eliminate the grief of losing a loved one, it can aide with regard to unexpected funeral expenses and other financial losses.

Source:, “Semi-truck accident at Highway 50 claims life”, Nick Miller, Nov. 9, 2016