Car accident in Illinois injures trooper — drunk driver?

People make poor choices every day. Unfortunately, some of those choices can negatively affect others. Recently, an Illinois trooper recounted how his life has changed after a woman decided to drive drunk and cause the car accident that injured him. 

Two years ago while on patrol, a drunk 61-year-old female hit the trooper with her SUV. After she hit him, she continued to drive, leaving the scene. She hit a retaining wall and then crashed into another SUV with seven occupants. The impact with the other SUV caused it to flip, causing several injuries to those in the vehicle.

After the accident, it was discovered that drunk driver was a repeat offender. Two days before the unfortunate incident with the trooper, she was released on probation after pleading guilty to a different DUI. She ignored the judge’s orders in that case to refrain from driving. After the accident with the trooper, she pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. She was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

The trooper has been able to return to work, but his life has been altered drastically. He had numerous broken bones, surgeries and intense physical therapy. He even had to spend time in a wheel chair as his body healed. Illinois car accident victims in similar cases can benefit from speaking to a personal injury attorney about their options to seek compensation in civil court to help with unexpected medical bills and reimbursement of all applicable monetary damages. Based upon the evidence presented, a civil court will determine the driver’s negligence and the amount of damages warranted to the victims. 

Source:, “Repeat DUI driver who injured state trooper pleads guilty, gets 13 years“, Ted Gregory, Dec. 1, 2016