Car accident follows loss of control — 2 adults, 5 kids injured

Being the driver of a vehicle carrying passengers is an enormous responsibility. If the driver’s negligence causes an accident, he or she can be held accountable by the injured victims or the surviving families of any passenger who is killed. A recent car accident in Clinton County may come back to haunt the 37-year-old Illinois driver.

According to the preliminary accident report, the driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle for reasons yet to be determined. The car apparently spun and rolled over after it had landed from being airborne. It ultimately came to a halt after smashing into an embankment. A witness reportedly saw all seven the occupants being ejected.

Along with the driver and a 16-year-old juvenile from another state were a 31-year-old woman and four toddlers — ages 1, 2, 4 and 5 — from the village of Sandoval. All the occupants of the vehicle were injured, and three of the children had to be airlifted to hospitals because of the severity of their injuries. The two adults and the two remaining kids received medical treatment at local hospitals.

There is no indication of whether alcohol played a role in this car accident as the investigation is still ongoing. The injured woman will be entitled to pursue financial relief through the Illinois civil court. She may file personal injury claims on behalf of herself and the injured children in her care. Once negligence has been established, the court will consider all documented claims for economic losses such as medical expenses along with emotional damages suffered. A monetary judgment may then be entered.

Source:, “Seven People Injured in Rollover Crash on Jolliff Bridge Road”, Aug. 30, 2016