Can slippery roads challenge liability in car accident injuries?

Weather conditions may have a detrimental effect on Illinois roads at this time of the year. Drivers who are not experienced enough to drive in adverse weather conditions may want to avoid doing so. Nevertheless, those who do take to the roads must operate their vehicles in a responsible manner that is suitable to the conditions. Losing control of a vehicle on a slippery road can happen in an instant, and reducing speed and increasing following distances may avoid a car accident.

Illinois State Police reported a serious crash that occurred in wet conditions on U.S. 20 on a recent Monday afternoon. Reportedly, only one vehicle was involved in the car accident. An accident report indicates that a driver entered U.S. 20 eastbound from southbound Route 2. The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the railing on the side of the road.

The impact of the crash apparently caused a female passenger to be ejected from the car. She was transported to a medical facility for treatment of injuries that were reported to be non-life threatening. Her condition was reported to be stable, and the driver suffered no injuries. An accident investigation is underway, and this will also determine whether the driver and passenger were buckled into their safety belts.

When a passenger suffers injuries in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of the driver, he or she may pursue a claim for financial relief. Regardless of the relationship between the driver and passenger, the injured person has the option to file a personal injury claim in an Illinois civil court. Upon proof of negligence, the court may award monetary compensation to cover documented medical and other financial and emotional damages that were brought about by the wreck.

Source:, “Woman thrown from car in crash on U.S. 20”, Kelsie Passolt, Dec. 22, 2015