Bus driver alleges he was injured in drunk driving accident

An Illinois driver of a school bus claims that the consequences of an accident that occurred when the bus he was driving was rear-ended have been taking their toll. He recently filed a civil lawsuit, claiming in excess of $100,000 in monetary damages. This man is just one of many people who have suffered injuries blamed on a drunk driving accident.

The bus driver states that he was northbound on a local roadway in O’Fallon when another northbound vehicle rear-ended the bus. The bus driver claims that the other driver failed to keep a lookout while traveling at a high rate of speed. He also alleges that he was the victim of a drunk driving accident.

The injured man claims to have suffered injuries that resulted in significant medical expenses, along with a great deal of pain and suffering. Mental anguish and the loss of life enjoyment form part of his claim. He also named the owner of the vehicle that crashed into the back of the bus as a defendant.

Illinois motorists who have been seriously injured in an apparent drunk driving accident have a right to seek financial redress by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. Medical expenses and other documented financial losses may be recoverable if the evidence establishes that the party sued was negligent. Anyone with an ownership interest in the vehicle operated by the person accused of negligence may be included as a defendant. Once a court determines that a party is liable, it will proceed to consider specific items of financial damages claimed by the plaintiff.

Source: madisonrecord.com, “School bus driver claims motorist who caused collision was intoxicated”, Feb. 3, 2015