Both drivers cited in Illinois car accident that injures 4

Illinois drivers are expected to abide by the rules of the road at all times. Failure to do so may lead to a car accident and, more often than not, injuries or even death. However, not all accidents are caused by the negligence of only one driver, and it is not uncommon for more than one driver to be cited for safety violations when an accident occurs.

Deputies issued citations to both drivers in a two-vehicle accident that recently occurred on an Illinois highway. The accident report states that a driver who was heading north made a left turn onto another road without yielding to an approaching southbound vehicle. A collision occurred, and a passenger in the first car who suffered severe injuries was airlifted to a hospital. The northbound driver, along with the other driver and her passenger were taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

The severity of the injuries suffered by the three victims in the local hospital is not known, but the condition of the passenger who was airlifted was reported to be stable. According to the sheriff’s office, the first driver received a citation for not yielding the right-of-way, and the second driver was cited for not attempting to avoid a collision by reducing speed. It was reported that the southbound highway remained closed for several hours.

Illinois motorists who believe that the injuries they suffered in a car accident were caused by the negligence of another driver may pursue personal injury compensation for medical expenses. However, if it is determined that both drivers made errors that contributed to the accident that caused the injuries, the court will have to refer to Illinois’ modified comparative negligence rules when determining if either of the drivers are eligible for compensation. Passengers in motor vehicles, who cannot be considered negligent, will not be affected by the rule.

Source:, “4 injured in accident near Streator“, Greg Stanmar, Dec. 18, 2014