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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Illinois summertime nemesis for motorcyclists: “green ice”

Freshly cut grass that is left unbagged and instead strewn over lawns is encouraged by landscapers and conservationists. It acts as a fertilizer and is altogether healthy for yards and parkways across Illinois.

Motorcycle fatalities up from 2009 to 2015 according to NHTSA

If you had to guess, how many motorcycles do you think are out on the roads in the United States every year? Would you say a couple million? Maybe 3 million? It is likely that many people would underestimate the number, which now stands at 8.6 million motorcycles (both personal and commercial in nature) out on the road in 2015. Six years prior, there were 8 million motorcycles out on the road.

How not wearing a helmet can impact your motorcycle accident case

The vast majority of states have statutes requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets. While Missouri has one of these statutes in place, Illinois is one of the few states that does not. But while it may not be illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet in Illinois, doing so could put you at risk of sustaining very serious injuries in the case of a motorcycle accident.

If a defect causes a motorcycle crash, who is to blame?

It is not uncommon to hear of motor vehicle defects and recalls. Defects that are not addressed in a timely manner can, and sometimes do, result in unsuspecting victims suffering injuries or even death. If a defect is believed responsible for a motorcycle crash, who is to blame and where can residents of Illinois turn for help?

Illinois motorcycle accident: Fault and seeking compensation

Accidents involving motorcycles are fairly common in Illinois, especially now that the weather is beginning to improve and more motorcyclists are out on the road. When a motorcycle accident does occur, the rider or -- in the event of fatality -- his or her surviving family members may have numerous questions about determining fault and the potential for achieving compensation. If negligence is believed to have contributed to the incident, according to the state, civil claims may be filed in order for damages to be sought.

A motorcycle crash may leave a family with unexpected expenses

After a long winter many motorcycle owners enjoy cruising Illinois roadways when beautiful spring weather arrives. Unfortunately, negligent drivers of larger vehicles can be very dangerous to a bike rider. Recently, a man was sentenced to 25 years in prison after he was involved in a fatal motorcycle crash and failed to report it.

Negligent driver allegedly caused fatal motorcycle crash

Whenever an accident occurs that involves a motorcycle and a truck or car, severe injuries are likely to be suffered. It is not uncommon for motorcycle crash victims to suffer serious back injury, traumatic brain injury, fractures and more. Such accidents are often fatal, such as the one that occurred in Illinois on Route 100 on a recent Monday afternoon.

Injured biker flown from scene of Illinois motorcycle accident

Motorcycle riders who are struck by vehicles typically suffer catastrophic -- or even fatal -- injuries. The chance of survival is particularly slim when the biker is without a crash helmet. An Illinois biker was recently injured in a motorcycle accident that occurred in Williamson County.

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