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April 2020 Archives

Determining negligence following bicycle accidents matters

Every day, numerous Illinois residents are seen out and about, riding their bikes -- particularly when the weather is nice. Some people use their bicycles as their primary form of transportation, while others use them for recreation. No matter the reason one chooses to ride a bike, doing so can be a dangerous affair. Auto versus bicycle accidents happen all too often, and the victims of such incidents may experience significant, if not fatal, injuries.

Car accident: Cell phones not the only sources of distraction

So much is said about the dangers of texting and driving that Illinois motorists might overlook several other distractions that could have devastating consequences. Law enforcement can check the cellphone of an alleged negligent driver to identify activities that can prove distractions that led to a car accident. However, many other distractions are much more difficult to prove.

Mediated settlement includes waiver of workers' compensation

In some cases, injured workers have grounds to pursue damage recovery through the civil justice system. One such case in Illinois, due to go to trial in June, was recently concluded when the injured worker accepted a mediated settlement of $1.2 million. A $750,000 workers' compensation lien held by the injured worker's direct employer was waived as a part of the process.

In a car accident because someone ran you off the road?

Single-vehicle collisions occasionally happen on Illinois roads. These accidents can happen for several reasons. One reason not commonly talked about is being run off the road. This happens more often than people think, and the victims of such events may suffer in a variety of ways. Anyone involved in a car accident after being run off the road by someone else may need assistance seeking compensation for their losses.

Illinois workers' compensation: Occupational diseases

Every day, millions of Illinois residents get up, go to work and hope they make it through their shifts without incident. Unfortunately, some end up getting hurt or sick while on-the-job or as a result of their job. When an employee is injured on the job, filing for workers' compensation benefits seems to be a no brainer, but few people tend to think about applying for these benefits if they get sick. Certain occupational diseases are covered under workers' compensation.

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