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September 2018 Archives

Have millennial drivers earned their bad reputation?

These days, millennials find themselves a frequent target of criticism, with many people across other age groups considering them entitled and lazy. While whether such criticisms are accurate is up for debate, there is at least one area in which millennial drivers have earned their poor reputation.

How well do drivers understand the limitations of safety tech?

The many new auto safety technologies that have been coming onto the market have the potential to prevent crashes and make the roads a safer place. However, they also have their limitations. A recent study indicates that there are many drivers out there who don’t understand these limitations.

Dealing with downed power lines after a car crash

It happens 3,000 times per year: a vehicle slams into an electric power pole somewhere in Illinois. In some cases, the driver of a car will lose control of the vehicle and crash into a power pole. In other cases, the pole is hit as part of a motor vehicle accident involving two or more vehicles.

Beware fake bicycle helmets: They could lead to injury

You’ve probably heard of people selling fake designer watches and fake luxury purses on street corners, or on remote corners of the internet. However, there is a new type of counterfeit that could cause much worse damage than simply wasting your money. Counterfeit bicycle helmets have entered the online market, and they could cause serious injury to you or the cyclists in your life.

The dangers of road construction work

While often much-maligned in everyday conversation, road construction plays a major role in keeping our state’s roads safe and in good operation. So, those who work in road construction provide society with a very important service. One would hope such workers would have as safe of a work environment as possible when doing this.

Driven to distraction

When you're driving around the Edwardsville area, it's not unusual at all to spot drivers talking on their phones or looking at their phones rather than keeping their attention focused on the traffic and streets. Unfortunately, the inattention to vehicles and traffic signals often winds up causing motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

How likely can you recover hit-and-run damages?

When a negligent driver hits your vehicle in Illinois, that is bad enough. If (s)he then flees the scene, that is even worse. It places you in the immediate unfair position of having to identify him or her if at all possible. Unfortunately, statistics show that if neither you nor law enforcement officers identify the hit-and-run driver within a few hours after the accident, his or her identity may forever remain a mystery. Consequently, you must begin your identification attempts as quickly as possible.

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