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Have you suffered injuries caused by a road rage car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2015 | Car Accidents

Because road rage can take many different forms, there are no accurate statistics available of such incidents on Illinois roads. What is known, though, is that road rage is a growing problem that causes many unnecessary injuries and even fatalities. Some people may say that they witness road rage almost daily. An enraged driver who causes a car accident may have to face devastating legal consequences.

It has been suggested that the fast pace at which modern Americans live may bring about excess stress. Under certain conditions, already stressed drivers may be especially aggravated when they are exposed to periods of high volumes of traffic, such as during rush hour. Road rage is typically triggered by one driver irritating another driver by his or her actions. This is often unintentional and may be insignificant, though enough to infuriate another driver. He or she may then decide that the “offending” driver should be taught a lesson, and the way the other driver handles this often determines what follows next.

The infuriated driver may scream obscenities or tailgate another driver in an effort to intimidate him or her. If the other driver retaliates, the situation may develop into a high-speed chase, and some drivers have been known to ram another car on purpose. While this is taking place, neither of the drivers’ attention will be where it should be and other motorists may be put in danger. In some road rage cases, the aggression leads to physical assault and can have deadly consequences, especially when the angered drivers have access to weapons.

It is not uncommon for a road rage incident to lead to secondary accidents involving other drivers who are distracted by the behavior of road raged drivers. Proving fault in such cases may be difficult. However, an experienced car accident attorney will have the resources to launch a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances of any resulting accidents. Illinois commuters who have suffered serious injuries in a car accident that was caused by the negligent actions of an enraged driver may pursue compensation for medical and other expenses by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

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