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3 injured in rear-end car accident file suit against driver

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2015 | Car Accidents

A driver’s momentary distraction may result in a rear-end collision with devastating consequences. These types of car accidents are often caused by drivers who drive too fast and fail to maintain safe following distances. A rear-end car accident often leads to severe injuries that can jeopardize a victim’s ability to continue living life on his or her own terms. The occupants of a stationary car can also suffer life-changing head, neck and back injuries because of the force of another vehicle hitting their vehicle from the rear.

An Illinois resident is now being sued by three occupants of a car that he allegedly rear-ended in March of 2014. The plaintiffs claim that the defendant smashed into the rear of their vehicle while they were stationary at a stop sign. They allege that he was traveling at about 60 mph when he struck their car. They state that the impact was so significant that one occupant’s head broke the rear windshield when it struck it.

Furthermore, the plaintiffs accuse the driver of leaving the scene of the accident with a total disregard for the catastrophic injuries they suffered. They also accuse him of driving while he was under the influence. The claim states that the three accident victims were taken to the hospital, and each received treatment for multiple injuries, including head, neck, back and hip injuries. Each defendant seeks more than $50,000 in compensation.

Illinois residents who have been involved in rear-end collisions may feel uninjured immediately after the car accidents. Nevertheless, medical evaluations are vital, as whiplash injuries may not present immediately but only after some time. Proving that a certain injury arose from a specific car accident might be difficult if medical attention is refused at the time of the accident. Victims who can prove that other parties’ negligence led to their accidents and resulting injuries may pursue personal injury claims in civil court to obtain compensation for medical and other expenses.

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