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August 2013 Archives

Illinois car accident: 1 dead, 2 hurt, was inattention to blame?

It is a common misconception to assume that most car accidents are caused by drunk drivers, speeders or people who text while driving. However, this is not the case. Simply not paying attention to the road can be just as fatal as any of the aforementioned circumstances. Sadly, due to drivers not paying full attention to the road, one Illinois man suffered a fatal injury from a car accident that involved three cars. Two more victims were injured in the crash. One car containing two passengers was turning left into Proctor Hospital in Peoria when it was struck by a vehicle traveling south. The impact pushed the vehicle with two passengers into another vehicle waiting at a stop light to leave the hospital. While the driver of the third vehicle was thankfully uninjured, both passengers in the first vehicle as well as the driver of the second vehicle had to be rushed into the hospital for care.The driver of the third vehicle was treated and released; however, the victims in the first car were not as lucky. The driver of the first vehicle had to stay in the hospital for an unspecified amount of time. Her husband unfortunately passed away due to the injuries he sustained in the car accident. The Illinois police do not suspect drinking, drugs, speeding or texting to be factors in the car accident; these drivers were reportedly simply just not paying enough attention to the road. It is not said in the report who is at fault for the accident, but it is clear that both drivers of the first two vehicles should have paid more attention. Depending on the investigation, either of the two drivers could potentially have a personal injury suit. If she is not found to be at fault, the driver of the first car could file a claim for herself as well as a wrongful death claim for her husband; but if she is found to be at fault, the driver of the second vehicle could possibly file a personal injury claim against her.

Illinois car accident with funeral procession, several injured

There are many hazards that one must pay attention to while driving. Pedestrians, speeding cars and also slower cars are all things one must keep an eye out for and avoid. Funeral processions consist of a tight line of slower moving cars distinguishable by their emergency lights flashing as they drive. Since these cars are moving slowly and are so close together, if someone accidentally hits one of these cars, it could result in a crash that injures many people. An Illinois citizen recently had a car accident with a vehicle involved in a funeral procession, killing one person and injuring seven others.

Three teens cause Illinois hit-and-run accident among other crime

When young, one can be very reckless, especially when peer pressure is involved. Additionally, someone who is young may have a harder time dealing with the consequences of one's actions, and in that course, can get into even more unwise situations. In a night full of reckless criminal activity, three Illinois juveniles committed a series of crimes including a hit-and-run accident, and finally were arrested the next morning.

Car accident kills 11-year-old Illinois boy

Car accidents occur more frequently than Americans would like. Thankfully, much of the time, a car accident occurs and no one is injured in the collision; however, sometimes these crashes can result in injuries to one or both drivers as well as passengers in either car. Unfortunately, these accidents can be fatal. While every life is precious and every fatal car accident is a tragedy, it is even more tragic when an innocent child is killed in the collision. An Illinois 11-year-old was recently killed in a fatal car accident.

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