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July 2013 Archives

Man pleads guilty to fatal Illinois drunk driving accident

Despite the public's awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, people still continue to do it. When one is driving drunk, one's senses are impaired and it becomes difficult to operate machinery. Impaired driving puts the driver at risk as well as anyone else who crosses the driver's path. Unfortunately, an Illinois man was killed in a drunk driving accident, and the suspect has pled guilty.

Illinois auto accident injures 2, multiple citations issued

Illinois readers may be able to imagine the mayhem that a recent auto accident caused on Route 16. According to a recent report, a 58-year-old man was driving his pickup truck on Route 16 hauling a full cattle trailer when he struck another vehicle that was stopped at a construction signal. What may seem like a minor auto accident quickly turned into much more when the pickup truck caught fire.

Bicycle accident killed 62-year-old Illinois man

Especially in the beautiful Illinois summer weather, riding one's bicycle can be an enjoyable as well as healthy experience. Due to the rising gas prices, more people are opting to ride their bicycles to places they need to go such as work instead of driving a motor vehicle. With an increased number of bicyclists, drivers of motor vehicles must be careful when driving near a bicyclist because they are not in enclosed vehicles and are susceptible to major injuries if hit. An Illinois bicycle accident occurred recently in which the cyclist was fatally injured.

Truck driver has car accident with 2 Illinois police officers

While states have differing laws when it comes to highway laws, some rules remain the same for most if not all states. It is typical when one sees and emergency vehicle or police car with their lights on in the emergency lane to change lanes to avoid driving in the lane closest to these vehicles. This is for the safety of those people on the shoulder. Unfortunately, a semi-truck driver did not obey this rule, causing a car accident resulting in injury to two Illinois police officers.

Father and son killed in Illinois motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are dangerous vehicles to drive because they are not enclosed vehicles like cars and trucks. Unfortunately, even though motorcycles are fun and exciting to drive, they frequently are reported to be involved in accidents. A motorcycle accident is always a tragedy, and that tragedy becomes even worse when deaths occur as a result of the crash. A father and son were recently killed in a fatal motorcycle accident in Illinois.

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