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February 2013 Archives

Report: Missouri struggling to enforce texting-while-driving ban

Many dangerous car accidents that take place on the roads throughout southern Illinois and Missouri are caused by distracted driving. Whether someone is texting and driving, paying attention to the stereo more than the roads, or talking on the phone while driving, many people simply are letting diversions get in the way of driving and it is having terrible effects. In an attempt to curb distracted driving and the injuries it causes, many states have restricted drivers' rights to use cellphones while driving.

Hit-and-run accident takes life of Collinsville man

The family and friends of a young Collinsville man are probably in grief after learning of his tragic death last week. The young man was on his way home from work when he was killed in a hit-and-run accident. When he did not come home from work by the next morning, his roommates called the country club where he worked. The young man's employer also did not know where he was. The man's roommates then called the police.

'Melrose Place' actress sentenced for fatal drunk driving crash

In the aftermath of a fatal car accident, it is very difficult for the family members and loved ones of victims to ever feel that justice has been served. There are two ways to seek justice following a fatal collision in Ilinois; one of these is through the criminal system, and the second is through the civil legal system. Criminal charges are handled by the state and can result in jail time among other consequences, while a civil claim is filed by the family and often a wrongful death attorney in order to seek compensation for funeral expenses, lost source of income and pain and suffering.

Personal injury lawsuit filed after car crash in Edwardsville

Whenever a motor vehicle collision involves multiple vehicles, it can be difficult to determine where to assign blame. A personal injury lawsuit was recently filed after a multi-vehicle accident took place in Edwardsville leaving two people injured.

Motorcyclist paralyzed in crash due to tinted taillights

There are a number of factors that lead to motorcycle accidents. Often, drivers of cars and trucks fail to see motorcycles and make the dangerous mistake of cutting one off or turning into one. It is rarer to learn of a motorcycle accident that occurs because a motorcyclist did not see a car, but that is what led to a major accident and a lawsuit that was settled recently in St. Louis County.

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