Bike riders are often prejudged after a motorcycle accident

The majority of Illinois motorcycle accidents involve collisions with vehicles. Severe injuries and even fatalities are common consequences of a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are often typecast as individuals who live and ride recklessly, while many accidents are caused by another motorist’s failure to look out for, or yield to a motorcycle, along with other forms of negligence.

Severe back, neck and head injuries, fractured bones and internal trauma are injuries commonly suffered in motorcycle accidents. Many people believe that the outcome of a claim will depend on whether the rider wore a helmet, but this is a misconception. Motorcycle riders in Illinois who have suffered severe injuries in accidents that were caused by another party’s negligence retain the right to pursue compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income and other damages related to the accident.

However, because of the preconceived ideas about motorcycle riders, the settlement process can be tricky. Obtaining a fair settlement for an injured biker may prove to be difficult. The knowledge and experience of the attorneys at Johnston Law office will provide legal counseling and experienced representation. We will gather accident scene documentation, statements of credible witnesses, medical records and details of non-medical damage claims.

Illinois victims of a motorcycle accident typically benefit by taking timely action. Personal injury claims for such accidents have a statute of limitations, meaning that a legal claim must be initiated within a specified time frame. Our attorneys prepare all the necessary legal documents and negotiate with insurance companies. If litigation is required, we will be right by your side. Our motorcycle accident website will provide more information on how we can help you to pursue fair compensation after a motorcycle accident.