Beware of these autumn road hazards

Fall means football season, pumpkin treats and harvest time. It also means unique road hazards you did not have to worry about before. Being aware of these dangers can keep you from getting into an auto accident and suffering injuries.

If you still get into an accident despite taking safety measures, remember to seek immediate medical attention even if you feel fine, and document the scene with photos and witness statements. These actions are sure to help you in seeking financial compensation.

Busy roads

School is well underway, meaning there are plenty of pedestrians, cyclists and buses sharing the road with you. Pedestrians and cyclists do not always follow traffic laws, and buses have blind spots, make wide turns and stop suddenly. With sports games and Halloween, more children will be out on the streets in the evening and may not be visible. Therefore, drive slowly and stay alert in residential areas and school zones both day and night.

Poor weather

Autumntime brings rain, clouds and fog, all of which affect your vision and visibility to other motorists. Furthermore, the wet weather results in slick roads that make it easy for you to lose control of your vehicle. Remember to drive cautiously in poor weather conditions, as you will need more time to react to hazards.

Changes in nature

Fall colors are a beautiful sight, yet vibrant leaves also contribute to slick roads, especially when wet. They reduce traction and can hide dangers such as debris and potholes. This time of year is also when deer are out and about, foraging for food and mates. You are most likely to encounter them at dawn and dusk in rural areas, so use precautions such as turning on your bright headlights and watching for deer crossing signs to know when to be most attentive. If a deer crosses your path, do not swerve out of the way. Brake but release the pedal before impact to prevent the animal from going through your windshield.