Beware: Driving distractions can kill

If you like to text, speed and mess with your car’s infotainment system when you drive, you are engaging in practices that make you a reckless driver. Keep in mind those are a few of the many types of distractions motorists in Illinois and Missouri use when they operate their vehicles. Distractions are the cause of many car accident fatalities

When it comes to driving, you can never be too sure of what the motorist in front of you is doing. They could be texting and talking on their phone while they drive. In order for you to stay safe while operating your vehicle, you must be able to anticipate the actions of drivers and respond in a manner that does not increase the risk of harm to yourself and everyone else. Here is a brief overview of how distractions lead to death on the roadways. 

Becomes a habit 

The more you use distractions, the less dangerous it seems. You start to minimize the dangers because you have not experienced the consequences, or the ones you have dealt with were not major to you. You believe you can immediately stop what you are doing and avoid hazards that lead to accidents. In a sense, you become more overconfident in your driving skills. 

Your reaction time suffers 

Distractions make it hard for you to react in time. When you are on the road with other distracted drivers, you lose the advantage and become unable to adjust your driving behaviors to keep you and your passengers safe. Your eyes and mind must stay focused on the road, traffic and driving. Your hands should always stay on the steering wheel. Every second they are not is dangerous. 

You should not wait until you or a loved one is in a car accident to stop using distractions. Each time you drive while distracted, you gamble with your life. Objectively assess your driving behaviors now and do what is necessary to avoid using your cellphone and other distractions while you drive.