Auto accident leads to 1 death, 3 injuries

A girl, 6, has sadly lost her life in a tragic motor vehicle collision in Illinois. The evening auto accident also caused three other injuries. The crash, which involved two cars, took place at the intersection of an avenue and Route 111.

The recent crash took place at about 6:06 p.m. on a Sunday. According to authorities, a girl was riding in a car with her father, who was the driver. The car then reportedly ran into a pickup truck.

Both the car driver and the pickup driver suffered injuries in the collision. A pickup truck passenger was also hurt in the crash and was taken to the hospital. The girl who was riding in the car was also taken to a hospital with injuries, but she ended up passing away from her internal injuries. Authorities said that she was using a booster seat and seat belt at the time of the crash.

If the police investigation of the auto accident reveals that the car driver caused the accident, the two injured individuals in the pickup truck may choose to file personal injury claims against the car’s driver, seeking damages. Likewise, if the pickup truck driver is discovered to have caused the collision due to negligent driving, then the car driver could file a personal injury claim against the pickup truck driver. In addition, the girl’s family members may choose to file a wrongful death suit against the truck driver.

Liability must be established before the Illinois civil court hearing the case before any claims for damages tied to the auto accident will be determined. A claim that is fought successfully may result in damages to help with hospital costs. Damages might also help to address pain and suffering as well as other losses resulting from the collision.