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Advice for dealing with bone fractures

By knowing the signs of a fracture and how to deal with it, people can save themselves from worsening the injury.

There are a lot of circumstances through which someone in Illinois can end up with a fractured bone. While all fractures are painful, some are less serious than others. However all of them require medical examination and possibly treatment. Even if it is a small fracture, it could be more serious of an injury than it seems, depending on which part of the body it happens to. If people know about what to do immediately after sustaining a fracture, they can prevent it from getting worse or leading to complications.

Signs that a bone is broken

One thing that can lead to people neglecting to pursue necessary treatment is if they think they have just bruised themselves and that the pain they feel is not serious. By knowing certain signs that will indicate if a bone is fractured or broken, people can avoid a lot more trouble and pain. If an area that just got injured hurts to move, or can’t have weight put on it, it is likely broken. Fractures and breaks will also cause tenderness, bruising, and swelling, as well as a prickly feeling under the skin similar to being poked by many needles. A very clear sign that someone has broken a bone is if the limb is not straight, or if the injury took place with an audible snap.

What to do immediately

If it appears a break has occurred, it is important to make sure the person is not suffering shock. This can be indicated by breathing that is rapid and short. One way to alleviate this is to raise the legs while laying the person down, keeping their head slightly lower than the rest of the body. By wrapping ice in a towel or piece of cloth, and effective ice pack can be made to reduce pain and swelling.

One of the most important things to do is to keep the affected area as still as possible. While a professional is the best bet, it may sometimes be necessary to apply a splint with padding. This should only be done by someone who is trained in how to do so. If a bone is sticking out, an attempt should not be made to push it back in. Trying to realign an out-of-place bone is a bad idea, as it can exacerbate the injury, in addition to causing extreme pain to the injured person.

If someone in Illinois has suffered from a fractured or broken bone, the medical costs can be daunting. Hours of lost work and personal suffering are also costly. It may be possible to obtain financial compensation in such cases, and a local attorney who practices personal injury law may be able to help.