Missouri and Illinois nursing homes get failing grades

Missouri and Illinois nursing homes get failing grades

Residents of both Missouri and Illinois will be disheartened to learn about the results of a recent study of nursing homes across the country. The study was conducted by Families for Better Care, and involved an assessment of the care provided at long-term care facilities in all 50 states.

The researchers examined federal information regarding staffing levels, complaints and cited deficiencies in nursing homes across the United States. Unfortunately, the nursing homes in Illinois and Missouri received failing grades. While the reasons for the failing grades differed somewhat, the results are still cause for concern for individuals with loved ones in nursing homes in either state.

Problems identified in Illinois nursing homes

In Illinois, the nursing homes ranked 44th in the country in terms of the percentage that had been cited for deficiencies. In total, over 96 percent of the long-term care facilities in Illinois had some type of deficiency. In addition, over one-quarter of Illinois’ nursing homes were cited for a severe deficiency.

In addition to problems with deficiencies, Illinois’ nursing homes did not measure up when it came to staffing levels. Residents received only slightly over 2 hours of direct care with a staff member each day, on average. In fact, less than 50 percent of Illinois’ nursing homes had direct care staffing levels that were considered above average.

Illinois fared slightly better when it came to RNs on staff. While residents received, on average, less than one hour of care from an RN daily, that figure placed Illinois in 26th place for RN care across the country. Still, only approximately 55 percent of nursing homes in Illinois had RN staffing levels that were above average.

Problems identified in Missouri nursing homes

The nursing homes in Missouri received failing grades for RN care and complaints. In Missouri, the Families for Better Care report revealed that nursing home residents only received 0.58 hours of care from an RN on an average day. Missouri’s nursing homes rank 45th in the country in terms of the number of homes with above-average RN staffing levels – only slightly over one-quarter of the long-term care facilities meet that threshold.

In addition, while residents in Missouri’s nursing homes receive over 2.5 hours of direct care on an average day, only slightly more than one-half of the long-term care facilities have above-average direct care staffing levels. When nursing home staffing levels are low, the likelihood of a resident not receiving proper care increases.

If you have a loved one who is a resident in a nursing home in Missouri or Illinois and you believe he or she has not received proper treatment, you should be aware of your rights. Seek the advice of a skilled personal injury attorney to ensure your loved one is properly protected.

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