Are Missouri and Illinois good places for drivers?

How life is out on the roads for drivers can be affected by many things. These factors can vary considerably from place to place. So, the overall driver experience isn’t the same in all states.

A recent report from Bankrate ranked the states for how good of places they are for drivers. In reaching these rankings, the report looked at data touching on three main things: safety, cost and driving quality.

How did Missouri and Illinois do in these rankings?

Well, neither state was ranked among the 10 best or 10 worst for drivers. Rather, both fell more in the middle. On the positive side, both were in the upper half of states in the rankings.

Missouri was ranked No. 17. Illinois faired a little worse, getting ranked 23rd.

However, the report did suggest that Illinois might be a safer state for drivers than Missouri. Illinois’ safety score was significantly higher than the one given to Missouri. Meanwhile, Missouri bested Illinois when it came to its cost and driving quality scores.

What do you think of these rankings? How driver-friendly do you think Missouri and Illinois are?

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