An overloaded SUV could cause a pedestrian accident

Sports utility vehicles continue to be familiar sights on Illinois highways and streets. Large, cargo-packed vehicles may drive through areas where there are significant numbers of pedestrians. When the cargo blocks the SUV driver’s visibility, that driver could put pedestrians at considerable risk.

Traveling through an area with foot traffic brings concerns

An SUV full of cargo could present a hazard to people walking around town because the cargo may obstruct the rear window. A sobering fact bears mentioning here: A full-sized or even subcompact SUV presents a much greater fatality risk to pedestrians than cars. SUVs are massive vehicles, which means they could cause significant injury to a pedestrian, even at a low speed. Therefore, SUV drivers will find it wise to drive with greater care when traveling through crowded areas. This would include taking steps to reduce any visual obstructions.

Cargo that blocks visibility may indicate negligence

Any improper action a driver takes behind the wheel could fall under the legal description of negligence. Packing an SUV’s cargo area to the point of the driver losing visibility in the rearview mirror or even when looking over their shoulder could increase the chances of hitting a pedestrian.

Relying on rearview camera displays might not be enough to avoid an accident, and doing so doesn’t automatically allow a driver to escape liability claims. Employing common sense and proper safety judgment when filling up a cargo area may lead to safer SUV operations and fewer motor vehicle accidents.

Holding negligent drivers responsible for pedestrian accidents

If you were navigating the streets as a pedestrian and a careless driver hit you, their actions may have resulted in your severe injuries. A personal injury attorney may represent you to help you earn compensation for medical bills, time off work and other losses during your recovery.