5 people injured in Illinois car accident

Five people are in the hospital following a dramatic car crash on June 12. Illinois police are still investigating what caused the car accident. It is suspected that alcohol may have played a role in the crash.

According to police records, the crash occurred late in the evening when a vehicle crashed into a telephone pole before flipping over. Responding medical personnel described the injuries incurred by the five passengers as “severe.” All five passengers including the driver have been taken to hospital, but their condition is currently unknown.

Police believe the driver may have been speeding, which may have led to the loss of control that ended in the devastating crash. It is believed the driver failed to correct for a turn and went around the corner too fast. It is also suspected that alcohol may have been a factor in the accident, though police have yet to release a definitive statement about that supposition.

In Illinois, a driver is held responsible for the safety of the passengers he or she is transporting, insofar as they can keep those passengers safe. In the case of this car accident, particularly if it is proven the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs while behind the wheel, it can be safely said that the driver did not live up to this responsibility. Those injured in the crash may have legal precedent to file a personal injury suit against the driver to seek damage compensation. Such a suit would be conducted separately from any criminal charges that may arise, in an Illinois civil court.

Source: whbf.com, “5 injured in car accident,” Crispin Havener, June 13, 2013