4 Injured in car accident after driver allegedly ran red light

Drivers in Illinois must be observant at all times as a moment’s distraction may cause an accident. Too many collisions result from drivers disregarding traffic signs, often with devastating consequences. One such car accident was reported to have taken place in Carterville on a recent Monday.

The Carterville Police Department reported that the accident was under investigation at the time of the media report. Preliminary reports indicated that a 68-year-old driver failed to stop at a red traffic light and smashed into another vehicle that was in the intersection at the time. The other driver was in the process of turning when the accident occurred.

The two vehicles were each occupied by a husband and wife, and all suffered injuries. The second vehicle was damaged to an extent that required the occupants to be extracted before they could be taken to a hospital. The 63-year-old wife was in critical condition and transferred to another hospital. The conditions of the couple in the first vehicle are unknown, except that the 70-year-old husband was also transferred to another facility.

Citations for traffic offenses were issued to the alleged negligent driver. Whenever an Illinois motorist suffers serious injuries in a car accident that was caused by the apparent negligence of another driver, the injured victim may pursue recovery of accident-related damages incurred. Properly documented evidence of negligence will be required when pursuing a personal injury claim in a civil court. Monetary compensation for medical expenses and other documented losses may be awarded if such a claim is successfully presented.

Source: thesouthern.com, “Accident injures four in Carterville“, March 31, 2015