4 deaths and 4 injured in construction zone auto accident

Illinois residents may share the concern of many motorists about the numbers of injuries and fatalities that result from accidents that occur in areas where road construction is underway. A recent auto accident that happened in a construction zone took the lives of four people and injured four more. According to media reports, the accident was allegedly caused by a tractor-trailer driver who was possibly exhausted, as police believe that his log entries were falsified.

Witnesses described the horrific consequences of the speeding truck that reportedly approached stationary vehicles on I-55 where two lanes narrow down to one while construction is underway. It was reported that the truck allegedly smashed into the row of three stationary vehicles after passing other traffic on the left and then abruptly changing lanes. The impact of the truck smashing into the rear of one vehicle crushed three vehicles together, leaving them unrecognizable.

Four occupants of the cars were killed on impact while four injured victims were transported to hospitals in the area. The severity of their injuries was not mentioned in the media report. The truck driver was subjected to mandatory toxicology tests, and while results are pending, he was charged with felony logbook violations. He is awaiting a scheduled bond hearing.

Residents in Illinois who have suffered injuries — or have lost loved ones — in an auto accident that occurred as the result of the negligent actions of another party may pursue recovery of medical and/or end-of-life expenses. They retain the right to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim in a civil court, naming the alleged negligent driver and any third-party who may own the vehicle as defendants. Claims that are successfully presented may result in monetary judgment being awarded by the court. The compensation may cover the above mentioned expenses, along with additional damages as allowed by state laws.

Source: thetrucker.com, “Tractor-trailer rear-ends stopped vehicles near Chicago, killing 4”, Lyndon Finney, July 22, 2014