3 ways your phone can help keep your kids safe this Halloween

Halloween is a terrifying holiday – and not just because of the ghosts and ghouls. As our children venture out for tricks and treats, there are many dangers that may await them. From creepy strangers and reckless drivers to their own costumes, which may cause them to trip and fall, we can never be too safe as we send our children out trick-or-treating.

We can’t always be by our child’s side. Don’t be afraid to let your children go out on Halloween night, especially when you can use several apps and smartphone features to keep them safe.

1. Track their location

Nearly every smartphone on the market today has an app that allows you to track its location. On Apple devices, if you registered your child’s phone, you can use Find My iPhone on your own device or desktop computer. On Android phones, the service is called Find My Device, and the process is similar.

Alternatively, there are many other apps that track the location of your phone. Even Snapchat has a feature that allows you to see the location of those you follow, as long as they have it turned on. This is not as reliable, however, since it only marks the location where your child was last active on Snapchat.

2. Send them reminders to check in

While many opt to use text messaging to check in with their children, there are a variety of messaging services available to keep in touch with your child while they’re trick-or-treating. You can also manually set reminders or alarms on your child’s phone to remind them to check in with you periodically through the night.

3. Use the flashlight

Most modern phones have a flashlight function, which can come in handy during late night trick-or-treating. As droves of children are roaming the streets and adults are driving home from Halloween parties, pedestrian accidents are an even greater danger in the dead of night.

Using the flashlight from your phone could help your child spot an oncoming car, and could give the driver a better heads up that there is a child on the road ahead of them.

The flashlight could also help your child navigate the neighborhood, so they don’t get lost with friends as they trick-or-treat.

Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year for our children – but as we want them to enjoy themselves, we also want them to stay safe. While we can’t stay by their side every Halloween, our phones may be the saving grace that adds and extra layer of security on such a dangerous holiday.