3 ways to avoid an accident this summer

Summer is the season for road trips and more driving in general due to not having to worry about ice and snow. It is a time of adventure and fun, but unfortunately, it is also a time of more motor vehicle accidents.

School is out, so there are more teens and tourists on the road, as well as truckers and bikers. With such a busy scene to navigate, follow these three tips for a safe summer.

1. Be aware of driving conditions beforehand

A major cause of accidents is road conditions, such as construction zones, weather-related hazards and other accidents. You can find out which roads are closed or are undergoing repairs through the Illinois Department of Transportation site. You should also check how heavy traffic is and try to avoid congested routes when possible, as well as know when bad weather is coming so you can stay off the road.

2. Know your road signs

It may seem obvious, but knowing what road signs mean and following them reduce many car accidents. Travelers especially are not familiar with routes and roadways and may easily get confused. Drivers who are drunk, elderly or young and inexperienced are susceptible to mistakes such as driving the wrong way on a road. Therefore, it is also important to watch out for dangerous motorists to prevent a collision.

3. Stay focused

The best way to stay safe this summer is by keeping your full attention on the road. It is so easy to become distracted, especially on a beautiful, sunny day going down a familiar route. Although cellphone use gets the most blame, you can even become distracted from zoning out on a long, lonely ride or from interacting with boisterous passengers. Do what you can to limit factors that take your hands off the wheel, eyes off your surroundings and mind off the task at hand.