3 ways employees can lower the risk of workplace accidents

One expectation that St. Louis metro area employees may have when they go to their jobs is a safe workplace. In fact, employers are required by federal law and industry regulations to minimize the risk of harm and death to workers. However, many of them do not. 

Accidents happen all the time in workplaces across the country, and unfortunately, not everyone walks away unharmed. All too often these incidents result in critical and even fatal injuries, and statistics indicate that worker deaths are on the rise. Although ultimately, it is the responsibility of the employers to protect workers, in order to help reduce the number of fatal accidents that occur at work, employees should consider the following ways they can contribute to safety. 

1. Paying attention 

Routine can make even dangerous jobs seem boring, and it can be easy to lose focus on the job, but the likelihood of accidents increases when workers take hazards lightly. Many incidents could be preventable if employees remain alert to dangerous conditions and avoid them. 

2. Following the rules 

Hazards are not the only triggers for on-the-job accidents. When workers lack proper training or become complacent, they make mistakes that compromise their own and others’ safety. While employers must provide ongoing training and enforce safety protocol, these cannot be effective if employees are not compliant.

3. Wearing proper attire 

Many workplaces require workers to wear clothing and safety equipment specific to their jobs. Employers should also provide training in the proper way to wear and use the gear. For example, respirators must fit a certain way, and must be cleaned and stored a certain way, so that there is no air leakage, which could be extremely dangerous in some circumstances.

While every work environment has its own innate hazards, with proper instruction, diligence and policy adherence, employees can lower the risk of accidents and trauma. Anyone who becomes ill or suffers injuries while at work should talk to an attorney to learn workers’ compensation options.