3-vehicle car accident blamed on distracted driver

Drivers on Illinois roads are expected to be alert at all times. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for fatigued or distracted drivers to put their lives and the lives of others on the line. Authorities suspect that distracted driving was the cause of a multi-vehicle car accident that occurred on U.S. 51 in Perry County on a recent Friday afternoon.

Reportedly, a southbound pickup truck with a horse trailer crossed into the northbound traffic lanes. The horse trailer overturned after the pickup struck a box truck. The impact upended the box truck. The 41-year-old pickup driver continued traveling in the northbound lanes of the highway until the vehicle collided head on with a passenger vehicle. The car that was struck was occupied by a mother and her toddler.

The mother suffered severe leg injuries. She and her 2-year-old daughter, as well as the pickup driver, were airlifted to a hospital. A third driver was transported to a medical center by ambulance. The reason why the pickup truck driver crossed over the center line has not yet been determined, but witnesses reported that the driver’s head was bent down as if she was drowsy or texting. A crash investigation was reportedly underway.

Multiple people suffered injuries of varying severity in this car accident, which appears to have been caused by the negligence of one driver. If appropriate evidence of negligence exists, the injured victims may pursue recovery of damages incurred. In addition to medical expenses, other specified financial losses that are properly documented may also be sought when personal injury claims are filed in an Illinois civil court.

Source: thesouthern.com, “Officials investigating Friday crash that closed U.S. 51 for four hours“, Amanda Hancock, Sept. 14, 2015