2nd fatal car accident in I-90 construction zone in 3 weeks

Illinois residents who use of the Jane Addams Tollway when road construction is underway do so at some risk. Despite all the publicity about National Work Zone Awareness Week between April 11 and 15, one person was killed in a fatal car accident in the construction zone on Interstate 90 during that time. This follows another construction zone crash that also claimed the life of one person and injured several others only three weeks earlier.

The most recent collision involved a car driven by a 79-year-old Elgin resident and a tow truck. The circumstances that led to the death of the car driver and injuries to the tow truck driver were not disclosed initially. The investigation is ongoing. The crash on March 25 killed one person who was traveling in a rented limo; six other occupants were injured.

Two of the injured victims in the limo crash have subsequently decided to pursue legal action against the limo company. Two of the construction companies that are involved in the work on I-90 have also been named as defendants. Reportedly, the suit alleges the construction zone is confusing and dangerous. Officials reported that plans are underway to install additional information boards to warn drivers of delays and lane closures.

Injured victims of a car accident in a construction zone on an Illinois roadway — or the surviving family members of a loved one who was killed — may pursue financial relief by filing personal injury claims and/or wrongful death claims in a civil court. A thorough investigation will likely be required to identify all parties deemed responsible. With negligence established to the court’s satisfaction, documented financial and emotional losses for monetary compensation will be adjudicated.

Source: wgntv.com, “Concerns grow after second deadly crash in construction zone“, Sarah Jindra, April 14, 2016