2 injured in early morning 3-car accident in Illinois

Being distracted for only a moment can have devastating consequences on Illinois roads. Three vehicles were involved in a car accident in Ingleside on a recent Wednesday morning. The sheriff’s office is still investigating the crash to determine the cause.

According to a preliminary accident report, a 50-year-old driver from Wauconda drove off the roadway for reasons yet to be determined. He allegedly corrected and re-entered the roadway but smashed into another car that was operated by a 31-year-old man from Round Lake Park. This was followed by the second collision with a sedan that was driven by a 28-year-old driver from Wonder Lake.

Reportedly, the driver of the third vehicle suffered no injuries, but the drivers of the first two cars were not so fortunate. They both suffered injuries that were said to be serious. They were rushed to a medical facility for treatment of their injuries that were reported to be non-life-threatening. Crash investigators will attempt to determine what caused the driver’s swerving off the roadway that led to the two collisions and the injuries to the other driver.

Any victim of a car accident in Illinois may pursue financial relief through the judicial system. A personal injury claim may be filed in a civil court, but the plaintiff will have to establish negligence by another party or parties. If the court can determine financial liability, the documented claims for financial losses and other damages brought about by the accident will be adjudicated. If claims are found to be valid, a monetary judgment will be entered against those deemed negligent.

Source: Grayslake, IL Patch, “2 Seriously Injured in Three-Car Crash in Ingleside“, Amie Schaenzer, July 13, 2016