2 fatalities after tragic hit-and-run car accident

Parent’s typically expect their children to outlive them and live full long lives. The unexpected death of a child is devastating, and having to witness the tragic death of a child is heartbreaking. Recently, an Illinois mother had to witness not one, but two of her children die after they were involved in a car accident just outside their house. 

The mother’s 25-year-old son drove to her home in the cab car he drove to pick up his 22-year-old sister to drive her to work. As the son pulled out of a the driveway, a large SUV crashed into the cab. The mother reported hearing a loud noise from inside the house. Upon approaching the accident, she witnessed the horrifying scene of both of her children struggling to survive their injuries. Both were rushed to nearby facilities, but neither survived. 

To add insult to injury, the driver of the SUV left her vehicle and fled the scene. She was later located, arrested and charged. It is unclear if she was driving under the influence, but the accident is still under investigation. 

While the mother mourns the loss of two of her children, she and her family will be responsible for double the unexpected funeral expenses. If the SUV driver is found guilty of the criminal charges, it may help establish her negligence in a related civil claim for monetary damages. An experienced personal injury attorney in Illinois can navigate a family through their options for litigation in civil court in an attempt to recover costs and damages associated with the car accident. 

Source: ABC Chicago, “2 siblings killed in Maywood hit-and-run crash; charges pending against driver“, Jessica D’Onofrio, Feb. 14, 2017