2 drivers lose their lives in Illinois car accident on Route 24

A recent Illinois collision on U.S Route 24 claimed the lives of two drivers. A car accident report indicated that the crash occurred near Bartonville in the late afternoon of a recent Tuesday. Both individuals were declared dead at the crash scene, and the coroner of Peoria County reported that blunt force trauma caused the deaths of both drivers.

An accident report indicates that a 21-year-old Bradley major, who was on semester break, was on his way home in Quincy and traveling in the westbound lanes. A 55-year-old driver was heading home on eastbound Route 24 after work when she veered across the opposite lanes. After going up an embankment, she traveled back and crossed the westbound lanes again. This was when she apparently crashed into the student’s car.

It was reported that the driver who lost control of her vehicle had recently received medical treatment for a low level of potassium and dizziness. Further investigation will determine whether the incident resulted from a medical emergency. However, Illinois residents are expected to avoid driving when known medical conditions exist that may threaten the lives of others.

Regardless of the reason for the car accident, the eastbound driver may be deemed negligent for driving while suffering a medical condition or under the influence of prescribed medication. The surviving family members of the deceased student may have a viable wrongful death claim. If negligence can be established, an Illinois civil court may award monetary compensation to assist the family with end-of-life expenses and other documented financial and emotional losses.

Source: pjstar.com, “Bradley student, Peoria woman identified in fatal accident Monday on Route 24“, Dec. 14, 2015