2 die in car accident when armored truck driver loses control

Imagine seeing a life-threatening occurrence unfolding while traveling on an Illinois highway; the fear and indecision of how to avoid it must be indescribable. An elderly couple of Robinson might have had to cope with such fear before a recent crash that claimed their lives. Edgar County Police reported the fatal car accident.

According to a preliminary report, the crash occurred on Highway 49 at approximately 11 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. Initial reports said that a semi was involved, but it was later determined that an armored truck struck the vehicle that was occupied by the 82-year-old driver and his 79-year-old wife. Police reported that the truck veered off the roadway, and the driver over-corrected, causing it to enter the opposite lanes.

Reportedly, the couple in the car noticed the out-of-control armored vehicle, and the car’s driver pulled onto the shoulder of the highway in an effort to avoid being hit. Despite this evasive action, their car was apparently struck head-on by the truck. Both occupants of the car died on impact, and two people in the truck received treatment for injuries reported to be minor.

The surviving family members of the Illinois couple who lost their lives in this car accident are entitled to pursue financial relief. They may file wrongful death claims in a civil court, naming the armored truck driver along with the employer or separate owner of the vehicle as defendants. Upon establishing negligence, the civil court may enter a monetary judgment to cover documented claims for financial and emotional losses sustained.

Source: illinoishomepage.net, “2 killed in semi vs. car collision”, Betty Simpson, Lauren Laws, May 17, 2016