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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

The aftermath of a car accident

About a month ago, we wrote a blog post about three mistakes that people often make in the aftermath of a car accident. Today, we want to expand on this topic and discuss the immediate moments after your bumper meet's the bumper of another vehicle. How do you react? What should you do? And how do you protect yourself in the moments that follow the collision?

How not wearing a seat belt could hurt your car accident claim

If another driver hits you, they clearly are at fault for your injuries. But there are a number of defenses that the other party or their insurance company will try to use to minimize how much they have to pay you for the accident.

New device shocks drivers when it senses they are getting drowsy

While the dangers of drunk or distracted driving are pretty well known, drowsy driving can be just as dangerous – potentially even more so. In some instances, sleep deprivation could be just as dangerous as alcohol consumption on the road. Yet many of us fail to take that into account, still driving even when we are tired.

Does marijuana legalization lead to more car accident claims?

With more states legalizing marijuana across the country, one of the biggest concerns is whether this will cause more accidents on our roadways. Drinking and driving is already a serious issue, surely toking and driving will be just as serious?

Smartphones could distract drivers even when they're turned off

Distracted driving – texting and driving in particular – is a rising cause of automobile accident injuries across the country. New innovations like Apple’s Do Not Distract While Driving feature in iOS 11 aim to cut down on distracted driving accidents, but one recent study shows that this may not be much help after all.

How 'Comparative Negligence' can impact your car accident claim

When you are injured in a car accident, your claim to compensation may be limited by your own negligence. If the court determines that the accident was partially your fault, you could be rewarded only a fraction of the damages you need to fully recover from your injuries.

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