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4 deaths and 4 injured in construction zone auto accident

Illinois residents may share the concern of many motorists about the numbers of injuries and fatalities that result from accidents that occur in areas where road construction is underway. A recent auto accident that happened in a construction zone took the lives of four people and injured four more. According to media reports, the accident was allegedly caused by a tractor-trailer driver who was possibly exhausted, as police believe that his log entries were falsified.

Witnesses described the horrific consequences of the speeding truck that reportedly approached stationary vehicles on I-55 where two lanes narrow down to one while construction is underway. It was reported that the truck allegedly smashed into the row of three stationary vehicles after passing other traffic on the left and then abruptly changing lanes. The impact of the truck smashing into the rear of one vehicle crushed three vehicles together, leaving them unrecognizable.

Elderly Illinois man dies in alleged drunk driving accident

Losing an elderly loved one in a car accident that could have been avoided is often more traumatic than losing such a person to ill health or old age. While the family is grieving such a loss, they will also be facing the high costs related to a funeral and burial. An Illinois driver who allegedly caused a recent drunk driving accident that led to the death of one man in Chicago is facing DUI charges.

Police reported that the driver of a northeast-bound vehicle allegedly veered into the southwest-bound lanes of traffic. As he was heading directly into the approaching traffic, a collision was unavoidable, and he reportedly smashed head-on into the vehicle of a 77-year-old motorist. The elderly man was transported to a hospital where he survived for five days before succumbing to his injuries.

Alleged high speed car accident claims 3 lives in Illinois

Investigating an accident where the drivers of all involved vehicles were killed will likely take a considerable amount of time. After a recent car accident in Williamson County, the Illinois State Police had the assistance of no less than seven teams from law enforcement departments within the surrounding area. The initial report only revealed that high speed was suspected to have caused the three-vehicle crash on a recent Monday night.

Investigators said that a 29-year-old driver was apparently eastbound along Route 13 when she made a left turn onto a side-road. At that time, an 18-year-old driver crashed into her, causing his car to burst into flames. In an attempt to avoid the collision, a third vehicle -- driven by an Illinois doctor -- landed in the Crab Orchard Lake.

Wrong-way driver in alleged drunk driving accident on I-55

Driving on an Illinois highway while under the influence of alcohol not only threatens the life of the driver but also the lives of other motorists. The danger escalates when the drunk driver is traveling in the wrong direction. A recent alleged drunk driving accident that was reportedly caused by a wrong-way driver on the Stevenson Expressway involved three vehicles.

State police were called to an accident on I-55 in the early morning hours of a recent Friday. It was reported that a 24-year-old female driver was southbound on the northern lanes of the expressway when she smashed into two other vehicles. The police suspected the wrong-way driver of being impaired, and she is now facing DUI-related charges.

Road construction worker killed in alleged drunk driving accident

Workers who are part of crews working on road construction in Illinois are likely aware of the constant threat of personal injury or death that may be caused by negligent motorists. Although the construction sites on the roads are typically cordoned off, and drivers receive fair warning when they approach, media reports regularly cover accidents where vehicles have smashed into construction workers. A driver was recently arrested after an alleged drunk driving accident killed a road construction worker.

A road construction worker was operating a paver in a work zone at a construction site on a Chicago road on a recent Saturday morning. One of his colleagues moved from his usual position in front, to assist his coworkers at the rear of the paver. A minivan, driven by a 19-year-old man, came crashing through the barriers that cordoned off the work zone, weaving between the barriers and finally smashing into the paver’s rear end. The 58-year-old worker who had gone to help at the back of the paver was killed in the accident.

Horrific Chicago car accident claims 4 lives, 1 critical injury

Illinois parents are bound to be concerned when their teenagers go out for a night of fun. Too many young people lose their lives in auto accidents that typically happen at high rates of speed. Chicago police were recently called to a horrifying car accident that happened at about 3 a.m. on a Thursday morning.

Emergency personnel had to remove the smashed car’s roof in order to extricate the bodies of four young people, along with one critically injured female passenger. She was transported to a medical center, and her current condition is unknown. Although police suspected the accident to be the result of drag racing, video footage showed no evidence of other cars being involved.

Parole violator allegedly causes death in drunk driving accident

Motorists in Illinois seldom stop to think of their vulnerability on the roads. Individuals usually have complete faith in their own driving abilities; however, one never knows what to expect from other motorists. When another driver is impaired, a drunk driving accident can happen when least expected. A man with multiple previous convictions was recently arrested after allegedly causing the death of another motorist. Authorities claimed that the driver, who they say was attempting to flee from police, was impaired by alcohol or drugs when the accident occurred.

Elgin police reported an accident that occurred on a Tuesday afternoon in May. They were purportedly chasing a driver who was driving an uninsured vehicle with a license that had been revoked. According to the report, police were following the alleged drunk driver because of a parole violation. When the driver accelerated to high rates of speed, the chase was called off. However, a few blocks farther on, the fleeing driver apparently ignored a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle in the intersection.

Illinois van driver may be responsible for motorcycle accident

Passengers traveling by bus or van naturally trust the driver to deliver them to their destination without incidents. However, if the driver fails to obey the basic rules of the road, he or she puts not only the lives of passengers in jeopardy, but also the lives of other road users. In a recent Illinois motorcycle accident on Route 52 in Lee County, police officers suspect a van driver was at fault. Apparently, charges were pending.

According to police reports, the van was carrying several passengers and was southbound and reached a stop sign at an intersection. However, the traffic on the joining road has the right of way and is not required to stop. It is suspected that the 34-year-old van driver failed to stop and an approaching motorcyclist, with the right of way, smashed into the van.

Suspected drunk driving accident in Illinois kills 4, injures 1

The whole population of the Illinois town of Mendota is mourning the tragic deaths of four people in a recent accident. With a population of just 7,000, such a tragedy touches everybody, although none more than the families of the four young people who lost their lives. In addition to funeral and burial expenses, these families may now also have to manage without the incomes of their loved ones. Escalating the tragedy is the suspicion that it was a drunk driving accident, which means that it could likely have been avoided.

The Sheriff’s Department in LaSalle County reported that the SUV’s driver apparently lost control of the vehicle and struck a mailbox. The vehicle then crossed the road and slid down a steep bank before becoming airborne. All five occupants were ejected from the SUV before it came to a rest among some trees. Three males and one female, all in their early 20s, were killed instantly. The fifth victim, a 19-year-old female, was transported to a hospital and is reportedly fighting for her life.

Illinois woman dies in car accident when truck rolls onto car

The family of a 51-year-old woman is grieving the loss of her life after an accident that occurred on a recent Thursday morning. In addition, they have to cope with the trauma of arranging a funeral and burial, with accompanying high costs. The freak car accident that caused her death happened on Illinois Route 140, and she was declared dead by an investigator in the Madison County Coroner’s office.

The fire department reported that a call came in around 10:30 a.m., reporting an accident involving a semi-truck rollover. They proceeded to the accident scene and found an overturned milk truck on top of a car. The deceased woman was the driver of the car that was crushed by the milk truck.

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