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Illinois and Missouri Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Car crashes may cause traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury typically occurs as a result of high-level impact to the brain. Car accidents number among the most common types of trauma that often lead to TBI. The types of impact that can cause TBI range from a penetrating skull wound to simply a sharp halt after traveling at high speeds, such as often occurs during a car accident.

If you are not aware of how TBI works, you may not realize you may be suffering from one. Learning about TBI and some common symptoms you may experience can help you get the medical attention you need.

How not wearing a seat belt could hurt your car accident claim

If another driver hits you, they clearly are at fault for your injuries. But there are a number of defenses that the other party or their insurance company will try to use to minimize how much they have to pay you for the accident.

One such defense is known as the “seat belt defense” – and claims that if you were not wearing your seat belt, you are partially responsible for the extent of your injuries. This effectively lowers the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive in your car accident claim.

What everyone needs to know about drowsy driving

By now, most people understand why driving drunk can place them and everyone else on the road in danger. State and federal agencies have stepped up efforts to educate the public about the lesser known hazards of drowsy driving.

Researchers trying to quantify data on drowsy driving encounter several obstacles. Unlike alcohol or drugs, there is no device that can measure the level of drowsiness in a driver's body after a crash. Generally, responders on the scene who put down drowsiness as the cause of the accident do so based on the driver's own assessment.

3 hazardous chemicals that may be common in the workplace

Some workplaces are more hazardous than others, but there are risks present in nearly every kind work environment. One hazard that often goes overlooked is the risk from chemicals that may be present. These harmful substances can seriously hurt workers through inhalation, direct contact or environmental exposure.

The following are three of the most prevalent chemicals in the workplace that may cause injury to workers who come into contact with them. If you suspect that one of these or any other chemical in your workplace has negatively affected your health, you should research legal representation and seek medical help as soon as possible.

New device shocks drivers when it senses they are getting drowsy

While the dangers of drunk or distracted driving are pretty well known, drowsy driving can be just as dangerous – potentially even more so. In some instances, sleep deprivation could be just as dangerous as alcohol consumption on the road. Yet many of us fail to take that into account, still driving even when we are tired.

One device aims to change that. Currently on Kickstarter, Steer is a wearable device that vibrates and shocks your wrist when it senses that you are getting drowsy. While it may sound a little extreme, its creators hope that it can help cut down on drowsy driving-related accidents.

3 mistakes people make after getting in a car accident

Getting into a car accident can be devastating. You’re already dealing with potentially serious injuries, property damage and other costs – and you just want to wrap up the process quickly so you can go back to your daily routine.

Far too many drivers act hastily after getting into an accident and make costly mistakes. These are some of the slip-ups we see some of our clients make in the days following their car accident.

Does marijuana legalization lead to more car accident claims?

With more states legalizing marijuana across the country, one of the biggest concerns is whether this will cause more accidents on our roadways. Drinking and driving is already a serious issue, surely toking and driving will be just as serious?

One recent study by the Highway Loss Data Institute indeed found an increase in car accident claims in states that legalized recreational marijuana, when compared to surrounding states. To be specific, these states saw a 2.7 percent rise in collision claims, and the study claims that is due to more drivers smoking marijuana before driving.

Smartphones could distract drivers even when they're turned off

Distracted driving – texting and driving in particular – is a rising cause of automobile accident injuries across the country. New innovations like Apple’s Do Not Distract While Driving feature in iOS 11 aim to cut down on distracted driving accidents, but one recent study shows that this may not be much help after all.

A report from The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research found that smartphones distract us even when they are turned off or are in another room. Just the mere presence of a smartphone seems to lower our cognitive capacity, which means that distracted driving may not be as simple to solve as we once thought.

What If You Were In A Car Wreck While Working?

From truckers to delivery drivers to ambulance drivers to police officers, there are many people who spend the majority of their workdays behind the wheel. Then there are those who drive from job site to job site, or who occasionally run work errands. The more hours spent on the road, the greater the risk of being in a motor vehicle accident.

While most people know that if they were in an on-the-job accident of any kind, they can pursue workers' compensation. However, workers who spend any time driving for work purposes need to be aware that they may have additional options for recovering compensation if they are involved in an on-the-job auto wreck.

How 'Comparative Negligence' can impact your car accident claim

When you are injured in a car accident, your claim to compensation may be limited by your own negligence. If the court determines that the accident was partially your fault, you could be rewarded only a fraction of the damages you need to fully recover from your injuries.

Every state has different rules regarding negligence in personal injury cases – but both Illinois and Missouri have laws that limit (or bar altogether) your ability to collect compensation based on your own negligence in the incident.

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