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Edwardsville Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Motorcycle accident more likely to result in death than car crash

According to studies by the federal government, 30 times more motorcyclists died than motorists in 2009 -- when calculated per traveled mile. There are significant numbers of motorcycles traveling on Illinois roads, and there are many reasons why people prefer this mode of transport. The fun and sense of freedom, along with lower transportation costs contribute to their popularity. Motorcycles with enhanced performance capabilities may encourage quick acceleration, risky maneuvers and excessive speed that could result in a motorcycle accident.

While the steering and braking systems of cars often allow for safe movement during emergency situations, motorcycles are not as stable, and riders often fail to control their motorcycles when emergency braking or swerving is required. The risk of death is significant in any motorcycle accident, as a rider -- or passenger -- usually bears the brunt of the impact with their bodies, even if a high rate of speed was not a factor. Understandably, being a passenger on a motorcycle is just as dangerous as being the driver -- if not more so.

Driver receives 7-year sentence after drunk driving accident

One often wonders whether intoxicated drivers realize how their actions impact the lives of victims of car accidents caused by drunk driving. It is not uncommon for individuals who were involved in a drunk driving accident to suffer life-altering injuries, or worse. After the recent sentencing of a driver who pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI charges, the Illinois victim said that while she was satisfied that justice prevailed, it does not improve her condition that was caused by the accident.

The police accident report stated that on the evening of April 16, the victim left her business and proceeded to her vehicle that was parked in the street in front of the building, directly opposite the police station. A witness reportedly saw a minivan stopping and a passenger emerging. He was seen pulling off, smashing into a car that was parked and backing up, striking the victim and her car. Upon hearing the crash, police came out of the police station to see the minivan speeding off.

Filing a claim after a car accident injury may be intimidating

It is not uncommon for victims of Illinois car accidents to suffer severe, and even debilitating injuries. While dealing with the realization that your injuries may affect the remainder of your life, there are likely other concerns that could exacerbate the stress levels. In addition to concerns about medical expenses and financial obligations, such as mortgage or rent, while you are unable to work due to your car accident injury, there may be questions about your eligibility for health and car insurance coverage.

A large number of car accidents result from negligent driving, and regardless of the care you take to be vigilant, other drivers may be distracted by their surroundings or mobile devices. Whether your injuries were caused by a distracted motorist, a speeding driver or a person driving under the influence, negligence will have to be evident if you want to pursue recovery of damages. How do you obtain the necessary evidence while fighting for your life?

Record Illinois settlement -- 3 years after bicycle accident

Illinois residents may remember the horrific accident in Nov. 2011 when a 28,000-pound semi trailer knocked down a bicyclist on the streets of Chicago and rode over her. While the lawsuit against the truck driver and the owner the truck was scheduled for trial later this year, a settlement was recently reached. It was reported that the $9.75 million settlement is the highest in the state’s history of settlements or verdicts reached in a bicycle accident case.

Now, three years after suffering dreadful life-threatening injuries, the avid cyclist and fitness instructor is continuing on the road to recovery, anticipating the moment she can live a normal life again. In sharing her story, she says that she was approaching a busy intersection when a large tractor-trailer went by and made a right turn. The police accident report stated that the cyclist was knocked down by the rear tire on the right, and she was dragged along underneath the trailer. Medical evidence shows that the wheel went over her body, resulting in severe pelvic trauma.

How does the court determine liability in a bicycle accident?

It is not uncommon for accidents involving bicycles and automobiles to result in severe injuries or even fatalities. This is mainly due to cyclists having no protection other than a helmet — which often may not be worn. Knowing the potential risks, cyclists, and also drivers, have a responsibility to be observant of all the rules related to road safety. Both cyclists and the drivers of vehicles are obliged to obey Illinois traffic laws and take reasonable care for their own safety and also the safety of other road users. A bicycle accident commonly results in substantial claims for recovery of damages; however, liability usually depends on whether negligence was involved.

In a lawsuit filed after an accident between a bicycle and automobile, the court will mainly consider the level of negligence of each party. It will question whether the driver of the car was negligent or reckless, and also whether the cyclist rode his or her bicycle in a negligent manner. If negligence is found on the part of either party, the court will have to determine whether the recklessness or negligence contributed to the accident that brought about the injuries.

Illinois teenage passenger dies in motorcycle accident

Losing a child at the tender age of 14 must surely break the hearts of her family. Having to face the high costs of a funeral and burial while coping with the heartache may be overwhelming. This is the fate of an Illinois mother who lost her daughter in a recent motorcycle accident.

A report by authorities stated that the girl was riding on the back of a motorcycle that was being driven by a man in his 50s. According to the report, he is from a neighboring county and the relationship between him and the girl is unknown. The accident reportedly occurred just before 8:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday in Will County.

Passenger killed when 2 bikes collide in a motorcycle accident

It is not uncommon for the drivers of motorcycles and their passengers to suffer severe or fatal injuries when they are involved in accidents. Although a helmet may possibly protect them from suffering head injuries, the rest of their bodies have no protection. Internal and spinal injuries are often the cause of death when a person is killed in a motorcycle accident.

The Illinois State Police recently responded to a Route 114 accident that occurred in the late afternoon in Kankakee County. Two motorcyclists were reportedly traveling in the same direction, one behind the other. The second rider was carrying a passenger, and police reports allege that he was following the front rider too closely. He allegedly smashed into the rear of the Harley Davidson in front of him.

1 killed and 5 injured in alleged reckless driving car accident

Losing a loved one in a car accident that was avoidable is enough to break anybody’s heart. Having to cope with the high expenses of a funeral and burial while mourning exacerbates the trauma. An Illinois man is facing reckless homicide charges, along with several traffic violations, following the death of a pedestrian in a car accident.

The alleged reckless driving took place on a recent Wednesday morning when a 58-year-old man was northbound on Sheridan Road in Edgewater Beach. He was reported to have traveled at a high rate of speed when he passed some cars that were stationary at an intersection waiting for the green light. He then apparently attempted to pass a bus on the right-hand side and smashed into two people who were in the process of loading items into their car’s trunk. The impact was such that it caused the occupants of three other cars to be injured.

Illinois woman succumbs to car accident injuries

Illinois residents may share the concern of many others about the number of deaths that result from accidents that are caused by vehicles crossing over the center median. Despite one’s own vigilance, the actions of other drivers can never be anticipated. Crossing over into oncoming traffic could cause a car accident with devastating consequences.

A 46-year old woman and her husband from Bartonville were traveling in an SUV on a recent Saturday evening. Authorities reported that they were westbound on a road in Peoria County when an eastbound vehicle allegedly crossed over into the westbound lanes. The reason for the apparent crossing-over is not yet determined. The woman was apparently unable to avoid a collision and smashed head-on into the other vehicle.

4 deaths and 4 injured in construction zone auto accident

Illinois residents may share the concern of many motorists about the numbers of injuries and fatalities that result from accidents that occur in areas where road construction is underway. A recent auto accident that happened in a construction zone took the lives of four people and injured four more. According to media reports, the accident was allegedly caused by a tractor-trailer driver who was possibly exhausted, as police believe that his log entries were falsified.

Witnesses described the horrific consequences of the speeding truck that reportedly approached stationary vehicles on I-55 where two lanes narrow down to one while construction is underway. It was reported that the truck allegedly smashed into the row of three stationary vehicles after passing other traffic on the left and then abruptly changing lanes. The impact of the truck smashing into the rear of one vehicle crushed three vehicles together, leaving them unrecognizable.

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