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Illinois and Missouri Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Study: Car accident fatalities more common in rural areas

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death for drivers across the country. While we have slashed car accident fatalities over the last several decades through stricter laws and safer vehicles, we are still facing a significant number of accidents every year.

The risk of getting in a car accident is higher in densely populated cities, as the roads are smaller and there are more cars on the road. But one study suggests that while more accidents happen in cities, more car accident deaths occur in rural areas.

Beware of these autumn road hazards

Fall means football season, pumpkin treats and harvest time. It also means unique road hazards you did not have to worry about before. Being aware of these dangers can keep you from getting into an auto accident and suffering injuries.

If you still get into an accident despite taking safety measures, remember to seek immediate medical attention even if you feel fine, and document the scene with photos and witness statements. These actions are sure to help you in seeking financial compensation.

3 ways your phone can help keep your kids safe this Halloween

Halloween is a terrifying holiday – and not just because of the ghosts and ghouls. As our children venture out for tricks and treats, there are many dangers that may await them. From creepy strangers and reckless drivers to their own costumes, which may cause them to trip and fall, we can never be too safe as we send our children out trick-or-treating.

We can’t always be by our child’s side. Don’t be afraid to let your children go out on Halloween night, especially when you can use several apps and smartphone features to keep them safe.

In-vehicle technology could cause increase in distracted driving

Distracted driving is on the rise across the country, and may be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The most egregious cause of distracted driving is often your cell phone. But a growing cause of distraction is a part of the car itself.

In-vehicle infotainment systems are designed to help you avoid having to use your cell phone while behind the wheel. Touch and voice features help you make calls, navigate roads, send texts, play music and even read emails. But a recent study by AAA suggests that these in-vehicle technologies may be just as distracting for drivers.

Nursing often overlooked as one of America's most dangerous jobs

When you think of America’s most dangerous jobs, there are common occupations that may come to mind – coal miner, steel mill worker and construction worker to name a few. But the most dangerous job in many states across the country may surprise you.

Nursing is not often recognized as a dangerous career, but many nurses find themselves the target of daily physical and emotional abuse from patients and their families. A hospital may seem like the safest place to work, but it is in fact a hotspot for many on-the-job injuries.

Critical times to contact an attorney after an auto accident

Individuals who suffer from accidents that they did not cause deserve just compensation. In the case of an auto accident, it is often possible to file a claim.

Though your insurance may provide some funds, they focus on your property, not your person. In order to get the full recompense that the law allows, it may be beneficial to speak with an attorney before you make a claim with your insurance company.

Hurt in a crash? Your injuries could be worse than you think

The damage after a serious car accident is often easy to see. There is the damage to your vehicle and debris scattered across the road; you might see cuts and broken bones. 

However, there are damages suffered in a crash that are not as visible, especially in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Below, we examine some types of car accident injuries that you may not see right away.

What do you do if you're hit by an uninsured driver?

When you are involved in a car accident, you often have to work with the other driver’s insurance company to receive compensation for your injuries. But as you are struggling to cover the medical expenses and vehicle repair bills that result from the accident, the worst case scenario is when the other driver doesnt have any auto insurance.

While every state requires drivers to have a base level of auto insurance, many drivers still fail to meet these standards. Whether you are in a hit-and-run accident or the other driver has no insurance at all, you have to explore other options to secure the compensation you need for your recovery.

Do I need an attorney for my workers’ compensation claim?

A workplace accident in Illinois has left you severely injured, unable to work for at least several months and struggling to provide for your family. As stressful as this situation may seem, you are losing sleep at night wondering if you would be better off hiring an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim. 

Even though an attorney can improve the chances of your claim being approved, it is not always necessary to hire one. However, since your injuries are serious and you are unable to return to work anytime soon, the likelihood of complications occurring that could result in the reduction or denial of your workers’ compensation benefits are higher. Here are some reasons why you may be better off working with an attorney: 

Study: Global warming may lead to more car accident fatalities

In 2015, the United States saw a 7 percent increase in roadway deaths. This was an alarming shift, as it broke away from a 35-year downward trend in automobile accidents across the country.

What was the cause of this increase in motor vehicle fatalities? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) attributes the spike to human-related causes, such as drunk driving and cell phone use. But one study claims that climate change is ultimately to blame.

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