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Edwardsville Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Car accident: Distracted driving a real issue in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, distracted driving is a serious issue. It leads to accidents involving pedestrians and other vehicles and often has serious -- if not fatal -- outcomes. When a car accident occurs as a result of distracted driving, the victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation through legal means.

In the year 2014, just over 3,000 people across the United States were killed by distracted drivers. Another 431,000 people suffered injuries because of the same. Cellphone usage is believed to be the biggest culprit.

2 fatalities after tragic hit-and-run car accident

Parent's typically expect their children to outlive them and live full long lives. The unexpected death of a child is devastating, and having to witness the tragic death of a child is heartbreaking. Recently, an Illinois mother had to witness not one, but two of her children die after they were involved in a car accident just outside their house. 

The mother's 25-year-old son drove to her home in the cab car he drove to pick up his 22-year-old sister to drive her to work. As the son pulled out of a the driveway, a large SUV crashed into the cab. The mother reported hearing a loud noise from inside the house. Upon approaching the accident, she witnessed the horrifying scene of both of her children struggling to survive their injuries. Both were rushed to nearby facilities, but neither survived. 

Driver admits guilt to contribution in fatal bicycle accident

Some Illinois residents enjoy watching the Chicago Cubs on television at their favorite local bar, restaurant or with friends. Game viewing is often accompanied by consuming alcohol. Some people unfortunately make poor decisions after consuming alcohol that could harm themselves and/or others. Not long ago, a Cubs fan caused a bicycle accident after he made the poor choice to drive drunk.

Reports state that the 32-year-old male had been with friends watching a baseball game. The legal blood alcohol limit to drive is in Illinois is .08 percent, and his was almost double that limit. Not only was he under the influence, but he was also driving 20 to 30 miles over the speed limit. His apparent reckless driving caused him to collide with a man on a bicycle.

Victims in drunk driving accident have rights to compensation

People are faced with a multitude of decisions daily. Many decisions are routine and may have little to no impact to those around them. Unfortunately, the decision to drive while intoxicated is one that may have repercussions that can be harmful or fatal to others. Recently in Illinois, a man allegedly made a poor choice that may have resulted in a drunk driving accident.

The 25-year-old man, a fireman and a paramedic, is accused of negligent driving, which allegedly resulted in a four-vehicle accident. While reportedly driving to his parent's house one evening, he crossed over into the other lane of oncoming traffic. His Chevrolet truck first made contact with a Ford F150, and then fatally crashed into a Ford Taurus. The accident came to an end when a driver of a Hyundai Elantra rear-ended the Chevrolet truck. Criminal charges have been filed against the Chevy truck driver due to suspicion that he may have been driving drunk.

Car accident victim's families may be eligible for compensation

When raising a child, parents childproof their homes, encourage their children to wear helmets when riding bicycles, teach kids to look both ways before crossing the street and other things in attempt to protect their children from dangers in the world. Unfortunately, a parent cannot always control the actions of other people that may bring harm to their child. Recently in Illinois, a mother and daughter lost their lives in a car accident due to the apparent reckless driving of another man.

According to the initial investigation, a 32-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter were in a Chevrolet Suburban, waiting to turn left at a green light when tragedy struck. Witnesses relayed to authorities that the driver of a red sedan appeared to be speeding through the intersection, with no attempt to slow down. The impact between the two vehicles caused the Suburban to roll over, ejecting both the mother and the daughter.

Fatal bicycle accident may warrant compensation for family

People choose to ride bicycles for a number of reasons. Many ride them for exercise, recreation enjoyment, convenience or lack of another vehicle for transportation. Whatever the reason people ride, they face many dangers sharing the roads with larger vehicles. The drivers of larger cars and trucks frequently fail to see and properly yield to bicycles, at times resulting in a bicycle accident. Many car and truck drivers may not realize that the state of Illinois recognizes bicycles as a vehicle, giving cyclists the same rights on roads.

Recently, a man lost his life in Chicago while riding a bicycle. Reports state that a 36-year-old man driving a sedan hit a bicycle rider in an intersection. The cyclist was apparently riding west, and the sedan was driving north through the intersection.

A motorcycle crash may leave a family with unexpected expenses

After a long winter many motorcycle owners enjoy cruising Illinois roadways when beautiful spring weather arrives. Unfortunately, negligent drivers of larger vehicles can be very dangerous to a bike rider. Recently, a man was sentenced to 25 years in prison after he was involved in a fatal motorcycle crash and failed to report it.

In the evening hours of a day in May 2015, a couple was traveling westbound when a sedan headed eastbound crossed into their lane and collided with them. A nearby firefighter heard the accident and approached the scene to offer any needed assistance. He noticed as he arrived that the driver of the sedan was out of his car and appeared to be looking at papers. The sedan driver claimed the firefighter arrived before he could contact authorities. Both the male and female motorcycle riders succumbed to their injuries on the scene of the accident before being able to be transported to a medical facility.

Illinois hit-and-run car accident became fatal

Numerous factors and studies are taken into account to determine the speed limit for streets. Safety for all drivers and pedestrians are a big factor in determining those limits. While many speed violations may only result in a citation, there are times that speeding can cause a car accident and result in serious consequences. Recently, an Illinois woman lost her life after a speeding driver ran over her causing a fatal injury.

Early in the new year of 2017, a 52-year-old woman was seen collapsing for unknown reasons as she crossed a street within a crosswalk. One nearby driver noticed the woman, stopped his car and turned on his emergency lights. Two other nearby people attempted to run to the woman's aide to help her out of the street. Before they could help the woman, an unidentified hit-and-run driver sped through the crosswalk running over the woman in the process. Street video surveillance showed the driver did not stop after the incident.

Speeding and DUI likely a factor in fatal Illinois car accident

There are many holiday parties at this time of the year, which may lead to an increase of drunk driving incidents on Illinois roadways. Drivers who make the unwise decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol increase their chances of injuring others and/or themselves. Recently, three women lost their lives and two others were injured in a car accident after a man may have driven drunk while speeding.

In the early hours of the morning, a sedan was traveling at an unknown speed in suburban Chicago when it crashed into multiple parked cars. The car contained a male driver and four female passengers. With the impact of the crash all of the passengers were thrown from the vehicle. The investigation has not confirmed if any of the passengers were wearing seat belts.

Car accident in Illinois injures trooper -- drunk driver?

People make poor choices every day. Unfortunately, some of those choices can negatively affect others. Recently, an Illinois trooper recounted how his life has changed after a woman decided to drive drunk and cause the car accident that injured him. 

Two years ago while on patrol, a drunk 61-year-old female hit the trooper with her SUV. After she hit him, she continued to drive, leaving the scene. She hit a retaining wall and then crashed into another SUV with seven occupants. The impact with the other SUV caused it to flip, causing several injuries to those in the vehicle.