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Alleged drunk driving accident injures 3 Illinois drivers

Drunk driving on busy Illinois roads continues to be the cause of many injuries and deaths. When drivers take to the roads while impaired by drugs or alcohol, they do not only risk their own lives, but also the lives of other road users. An alleged drunk driving accident on Illinois Route 34 recently caused serious injuries to the drivers of three vehicles that were involved.

The Illinois State Police says the accident occurred in the afternoon of a recent Thursday. The accident report states that two pickup trucks were northbound on Illinois Route 34, when another pickup truck that was southbound on the same road crossed over the center line. This vehicle was operated by a 40-year-old driver, and it collided with the driver's side of the truck driven by a 67-year-old woman. This was followed by an almost head-on crash into the other truck -- operated by a 56-year-old man.

Driver dies in multi-car accident after power lines fall

A 59-year-old woman tragically lost her life in a recent accident that followed moments after another driver knocked down a power line. The Illinois State Police indicated that the initial car accident may have been the result of excessive speed. The multi-vehicle accident occurred on Route 154 on a recent Sunday.

Accident reports indicate that a 23-year-old westbound driver went off the roadway after losing control of her vehicle. The vehicle apparently knocked down a utility pole after striking a railroad sign. Both the driver and her passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The driver was reportedly cited for improper lane usage as well as driving on a suspended driver's license. The power lines apparently fell across the road and caused an obstacle in the eastbound lanes.

Illinois woman dies in 6-car accident on Interstate 80

Interstate 80 was closed for several hours on a recent Sunday. This followed a horrific car accident in Morris that claimed the life of one person. Illinois State Police reported that a male driver who was suspected to have caused the crash was cited.

A police report states that the accident occurred just before 1:30 p.m. in both the westbound and eastbound lanes of Interstate 80. An SUV operated by a 66-year-old woman was apparently eastbound in the left lane when the 34-year-old driver of another vehicle reportedly pulled his vehicle into her lane. In order to avoid a collision, the SUV driver veered left and went off the roadway. She apparently went through a ditch in the center median, causing the SUV to go airborne.

Car accident: Driver strikes 3 vehicles --1 death, 2 injuries

A 20-year-old Illinois man allegedly caused devastation on Route 120 on a recent Monday afternoon. It was reported that he was driving a landscape truck with an attached trailer; the truck and trailer apparently to belonged to a landscape designer in Vernon Hills. Police reported that the man driving the landscape truck, with one passenger, was eastbound on Route 120 when he allegedly crossed over into the westbound traffic lanes and then caused not only one car accident, but three.

The first collision occurred when the landscape truck reportedly struck the side of a dump truck. Police say the driver continued traveling left of the center line and smashed into a passenger car, causing the death of the car's driver. This was followed by yet another collision where the landscape truck struck another vehicle.

Rider dies, passenger critical after motorcycle accident

When passengers ride in automobiles or on motorcycles in Illinois, their lives are literally in the hands of the driver. Those traveling as passengers on motorcycles are more exposed as they may have only a helmet as protection. A passenger was recently rushed to a hospital after she suffered critical injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Deputies responded to an alert about an accident that occurred in Lake County on a recent Wednesday evening. Preliminary reports indicate that a 23-year-old motorcycle rider with one passenger was traveling north and allegedly proceeded to pass a northbound car in an area in which passing was prohibited. The car was reportedly in the process of turning left, and the motorcycle smashed into the side of the car.

Car accident: Seizure disorder may soon have to be reported

Under Illinois laws, drivers who suffer from conditions that may cause unconsciousness -- or impair driving in any way -- must report the condition to the office of the Secretary of State. If the condition is successfully treated, a release proving that the condition is being monitored by a physician will be required to allow a driver to get behind the wheel of a car again. Lawmakers now aim to get seizures added to the list of reportable conditions after a tragic car accident in DeKalb County.

In that crash, two people lost their lives when the driver of a vehicle suffered a seizure while driving. Drivers who fail to report medical conditions that may impair their ability to drive do not only risk their own lives, but also the lives of innocent passengers, occupants of other vehicles and even pedestrians. Even if they believe they have the condition under control and have not suffered seizures for months, one unanticipated incident may result in severe injury or death.

Car accident injury: How are damages determined in a civil claim?

After suffering injuries in a car accident, the lives of victims in Illinois and elsewhere may be changed forever. While some injuries may heal, the impact it can have on the lives of the victims and their families may be devastating. Medical expenses and property damage can be documented, but affected individuals may have questions about the methods used to quantify pain and suffering and other non-economic damages caused by a car accident.

Damages are classified in different categories; special damages are usually the easiest to understand. Such damages are those in which the dollar amounts are documented on bills for medical expenses, property damage and damage to a vehicle that was wrecked. Lost income is also classified as special damages, and it relates to money lost in wages due to hospitalization and recuperation.

Driver faces charges after alleged drunk driving accident

By driving while under the influence of alcohol on busy Illinois roads, a driver not only risks his or her own life but also the lives of others on the road. Following up on a blog post about a fatal accident from Jan. 4 ("Alleged negligent driver causes 1 death, personal injury to 2"), a driver is now facing two felony counts related to the tragic drunk driving accident. The charges were filed upon completion of a thorough and time-consuming accident reconstruction.

According to the accident report, a northbound driver on Illinois 159 lost control of her car on the evening of a Saturday in January. She reportedly veered across the center line and smashed head-on into a southbound vehicle. The 19-year-old driver of the second vehicle and her 20-year-old passenger lost their lives in this collision.

2 die in motorcycle accident involving car crossing center line

Even when riders choose to wear helmets, motorcyclists remain vulnerable. Without the protection specially designed car bodies offer to motorists, motorcyclists who are involved in crashes often suffer catastrophic injuries or worse. Two people recently lost their lives in a motorcycle accident just west of Illinois City.

A preliminary accident report states that a man and his girlfriend, ages 42 and 37 respectively, were westbound on a motorcycle when an eastbound driver of a car allegedly crossed into their traffic lane. In the head-on collision that followed, they were apparently both thrown clear of the motorcycle. A coroner reported that initial results from the autopsies indicated that their deaths were caused by multiple traumatic injuries.

Bicycle accident: Cyclist hit by side mirror of pickup truck

May is National Bike Month, and some Illinois counties are taking this opportunity to address bicycle safety on the roads. Most cyclists ride their bikes as safely as most drivers operate their automobiles, but, there are exceptions -- regardless of the means of transport. Even though some bicycle riders may not follow the rules of the road, some automobile and truck drivers are simply negligent or distracted, while others have no consideration for bicycle riders. All too often, such negligence leads to a bicycle accident that can have devastating consequences.

After a recent bicycle accident that could have been fatal, northern Illinois police urged cyclists to wear reflective clothing and protective gear. Reflectors and lights are also required by law to ensure cyclists are visible when riding after dark. Recently, a bicyclist was extremely fortunate to suffer non-serious injuries when his head was struck by the side mirror of a pickup truck on U.S. 20.

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