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Edwardsville Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Three men die in Illinois car accident

Simple decisions can lead to devastating consequences in a matter of moments. A man from Illinois drove the wrong way on a busy interstate late one recent night. The decision led to a car accident ending the lives of three men.

It was late on a Friday night when a man, for unknown reasons, made the fatal decision to drive the wrong way on the expressway. He collided with another vehicle that contained another driver and one passenger. The other driver was working for a ride-share company and was transporting the passenger from the airport to his residence. They were both killed on the scene of the accident along with the driver of the other vehicle. The accident was so extensive that it shut down traffic in the westbound lanes of the interstate for six hours.

Victims injured by a drunk driver can seek compensation

Driving under the influence is a choice that is almost always followed by negative consequences. Unfortunately, some of those consequences affect others on the road. People injured by a drunk driver may feel a lot of anger as some injuries suffered can last for years. Recently, an Illinois a woman was arrested for her poor choice of driving while impaired.

For unknown reasons, a 25-year-old woman was stopped in the middle of a right hand interstate lane in the very early hours of the morning. A minivan traveling in the same lane rear ended her car, not expecting the car to be stationary. Both drivers were taken to a nearby medical center. The extent of their injuries is unknown. 

Illinois car accident injures woman and kills young boy

It only takes seconds to distract a driver's eyes off the road. Whether it is another person in the car, texting on a phone, eating or looking at nearby businesses, an insignificant distraction can mean the difference between life or death for someone involved a car accident. Recently, in Illinois, a driver struck a woman and a 2-year-old boy with his car as he made a left turn onto another street.

The driver turned left onto the road the woman and boy were crossing when he hit them with his vehicle. Current reports do not state the suspected reason the driver did not see the woman or the small child. The driver, a male, was not arrested at the scene but was taken into custody. Witness report that the driver did not appear to be under any kind of influence at the time of the accident.

Car accident injuries and death result after dispute in truck

People in today's society are given a wealth of information and tools on how to protect themselves. Each year new studies and technology become available, designed to make people safer than ever before. Though a person can take every precaution to protect themselves, there are times that the actions of others can present a danger and injury that was not anticipated. Unexpected injury can be very costly in different forms, ranging from the loss of wages to medical bills and emotional distress. Recently, in Illinois, car accident injuries and one death appear to be the result of a domestic dispute between a couple in a semi-truck. 

As police begin the investigation of the November incident, 911 calls have offered many clues. Dispatchers reported calls of a semi-truck traveling at very fast speeds on the highway just prior to the accidents. Some witnesses also reported that it appeared as if the couple in the truck were in the middle of a domestic dispute. One witness even reported that the female passenger jumped from the truck as it was moving, making it a possible a key factor in the multi-car collision.

Boy injured after hit and run car accident

Trick or treating with a child is a tradition that has many families out on the streets on Halloween night. Parents expect to enjoy the night watching their eager children in the age old tradition and return home with a child full of sugar. With the increase of pedestrians on the street on Halloween, the risk of a car accident increases. Recently, in Illinois, one driver did not take enough precaution when he struck a 3-year-old boy with his car and fled the scene. 

According to reports the boy and his family were crossing the street within the crosswalk when he was hit by the car. He was sent to a nearby medical center in critical condition. The extent of his injuries is unknown.

Drunk driving accident kills mother and unborn child

Drunk driving accidents in Illinois are always preventable. When people make the choice to operate vehicles while under the influence, they are risking unnecessary injuries and tragic deaths in the event that their reckless driving results in collisions. It is known that the fatalities stemming from these types of incidents are often not the intoxicated drivers who caused them but, instead, the unsuspected victims in their paths. Recently, in Illinois, a drunk driving accident resulted in the unfortunate and sad death of a mother and her unborn child.

In the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 21, a suspected drunk driver made a turn to travel southbound on Illinois 48 when he collided into another car. The other car contained an engaged couple, and the female passenger was several months pregnant. Sadly, both the mother and the unborn child died as a result of the accident.

Negligent driver allegedly caused fatal motorcycle crash

Whenever an accident occurs that involves a motorcycle and a truck or car, severe injuries are likely to be suffered. It is not uncommon for motorcycle crash victims to suffer serious back injury, traumatic brain injury, fractures and more. Such accidents are often fatal, such as the one that occurred in Illinois on Route 100 on a recent Monday afternoon.

In an accident report, the Illinois State Police said a 24-year-old pickup truck driver from Jerseyville tried to cross the highway from a side road. Allegedly, he failed to keep a proper lookout and pulled directly into the path of a motorcycle. A 58-year-old Caseyville man was traveling North on the highway with a 55-year-old woman as a passenger on his bike.

Woman dies in rear-end car accident that injures 2 others

Many lives are lost on Illinois roads in crashes that are caused by drivers who fail to slow down when approaching slow-moving or stopped traffic. Yorkville police reported such a car accident that recently occurred on a local roadway. One person was killed in the wreck.

An accident report indicates that a 56-year-old driver from Plano was traveling north on Route 47 when traffic ahead came to a halt. While she was stopped behind the other cars, her vehicle was rear-ended by another car. This vehicle was operated by a 20-year-old driver from South Elgin.

Car accident on gravel road injures teen driver and 3 passengers

A number of car accidents in Illinois involve teenage drivers who fail to control their vehicles. Many of these crashes result in serious injuries. In some cases, lives are lost. One such a car accident occurred in Clay County on a recent Tuesday evening.

According to the Illinois State Police, a 17-year-old Mason teen was driving an SUV north on a gravel road near Iola shortly before 9 p.m. For reasons not yet determined, the vehicle went into a skid that caused it to leave the roadway. An accident report indicates that the young driver overcorrected to the right, and the Jeep smashed into a utility pole with enough force to snap it in half. The vehicle then rolled onto its passenger side.

Bicycle accident claims life of 23-year-old woman

The boyfriend of a 23-year-old woman who lost her life in a recent Illinois accident is questioning the fact that the driver who allegedly caused her death was only issued a ticket for a traffic violation. The woman was struck by a flatbed truck while she was riding her bicycle in Chicago. The fatal bicycle accident reportedly occurred on a recent Monday morning.

It is believed that the woman was cycling on her way to work when the incident happened. A spokeswoman for the Chicago Police says the cyclist and the truck were both traveling north when the 23-year-old truck driver decided to turn right onto another road. He allegedly failed to keep a proper lookout and struck the woman on the bicycle.