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Edwardsville Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

More fatal car accident predicted for this Labor Day weekend

The National Safety Council looked at the nationwide death rate from fatal car accidents and reported a significant increase when compared to 2014. This may foretell a deadly Labor Day weekend. Reportedly, the number of fatal car accident injuries across the country since the beginning of this year already exceeds 19,000, and 2.2 million people suffered serious injuries. The NSC noted that Illinois ranks among the top five states where significant increases in road fatalities were recorded.

Reportedly, along with the increase in road accidents, the miles traveled and the numbers of vehicles on the country's road have also grown. That will likely lead to more accidents and more deaths. A spokesperson for an automotive research company said drivers are often their own worst enemies because distracted driving is believed to significantly contribute the number of lives lost.

Compensation may be sought after fiery crash kills 2, injures 3

Driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can have devastating consequences, even if family members and friends regard a driver as a responsible person. A 41-year-old Illinois father of two who has no prior criminal record admitted to snorting cocaine before crashing into a car, causing two fatalities and injuries to three children. Claims for compensation may follow this tragic accident.

An accident report indicates that the drugged man crashed into a car that was occupied by a 31-year-old father and his four children. With him were his 12-year-old daughter and her three siblings -- ages 6, 4 and 2. After the impact of the collision, the wreck reportedly erupted into flames, trapping the family inside.

Commercial truck vs. auto accident on I-57 kills 1, injures 2

Driving on the interstate requires undivided attention to the roadway. This applies in particular to Illinois road construction areas. A pickup truck passenger recently lost her life in an accident that was apparently caused by an inattentive truck driver. In any commercial truck vs. auto accident, the occupants of passenger vehicles are vulnerable to severe or fatal injuries.

According to an Illinois State Police report, the accident that caused road closures of approximately four hours occurred on a recent Friday morning on southbound Interstate 57. Reportedly, two 72-year-old people were in a pickup truck between a tractor trailer and another commercial truck. As they approached a construction zone at which traffic had slowed down, the drivers of the tractor trailer and the pickup truck reduced speed.

Fiery 6-vehicle truck vs. auto accident kills 3 on Interstate 80

When traffic slows down in areas of road construction on the interstate, it only takes one distracted driver to cause an accident with devastating consequences. It is not uncommon for multiple vehicles to be involved in a truck vs. auto accident, particularly when there are big rigs involved. Six vehicles got mixed up in a recent wreck on Interstate 80 that claimed the lives of three people.

An incident report prepared by the Illinois State Police notes that the chain of accidents occurred in LaSalle County shortly after 1 p.m. on a recent Monday. Allegedly, the first collision was caused by the driver of a fully loaded gravel hauler who failed to slow down when approaching slow traffic in a construction zone. That truck smashed into a passenger car that was pushed under a semi-truck in front of it. A fire broke out, and both occupants of the car were killed.

Injured biker flown from scene of Illinois motorcycle accident

Motorcycle riders who are struck by vehicles typically suffer catastrophic -- or even fatal -- injuries. The chance of survival is particularly slim when the biker is without a crash helmet. An Illinois biker was recently injured in a motorcycle accident that occurred in Williamson County.

According to an accident report provided by the Illinois State Police, the crash happened on a recent Tuesday. Reportedly, a 46-year-old Herrin woman pulled onto Illinois 148 from a Walmart parking lot. She allegedly entered the southbound lanes without checking for oncoming traffic. This put her vehicle directly into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

2 injured in early morning 3-car accident in Illinois

Being distracted for only a moment can have devastating consequences on Illinois roads. Three vehicles were involved in a car accident in Ingleside on a recent Wednesday morning. The sheriff's office is still investigating the crash to determine the cause.

According to a preliminary accident report, a 50-year-old driver from Wauconda drove off the roadway for reasons yet to be determined. He allegedly corrected and re-entered the roadway but smashed into another car that was operated by a 31-year-old man from Round Lake Park. This was followed by the second collision with a sedan that was driven by a 28-year-old driver from Wonder Lake.

Driver arrested after fleeing scene of fatal motorcycle accident

A 24-year-old man reported to be a student at the Northeastern Illinois University was arrested after an incident that occurred early on a recent Tuesday morning. The Chicago man is being accused of being involved in a motorcycle accident before fleeing the scene. His bail has been set at $100,000, and he is awaiting his next court appearance, which is scheduled for a date in August.

According to court documents, the man was traveling south on a roadway in Westchester when witnesses allegedly saw his vehicle crossing the center line. His car reportedly smashed into a motorcycle, and -- according to the witnesses -- the man backed up and turned down a road toward a forest preserve. The operator of the motorcycle reportedly suffered fatal injuries.

Car accident on I-80 involving 4 cars caused multiple injuries

Eastbound Illinois travelers on Interstate 80 might have experienced delays on a recent Friday afternoon. The delay was caused by a 4-vehicle car accident that occurred on a section of the interstate where one lane was closed for road construction work. Motorists were held up for approximately one hour while authorities cleared the road and investigated the accident.

An accident report indicated that a 32-year-old driver of a sedan was eastbound on I-80, when, for unknown reasons, she smashed into the rear of another vehicle. The impact of the collision reportedly caused a chain reaction in which two more vehicles were rear-ended. The series of accidents caused multiple vehicle occupants to suffer injuries.

Teacher, husband killed in bicycle accident in Illinois

A small community in the Illinois city of Morris is mourning the death of a teacher and her husband who died in a tragic accident on a recent Tuesday evening. The couple was apparently training for a fundraising ride when they were both killed in the bicycle accident. Officers said their bicycles were hit from the rear by an SUV.

According to an accident report, the SUV was driven by a 16-year-old boy who was cited for not reducing speed to avoid the accident. The teen driver reportedly failed to see the cyclists before smashing into them. The husband was killed on impact, but his wife died later at the hospital.

Car accident: Senior drivers on medication may be at risk

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety provides a free online tool that is designed to inform drivers in Illinois and other states about the effect medication can have on their driving ability. Those with medical conditions are at increased risk of causing a car accident risk for drivers. In many cases, it is the medication that causes the danger. Some people develop chronic conditions as they age, and many fail to consider how that impact their driving.

A number of older drivers suffer from sleep disorders, impaired vision, diabetes, dementia, seizures and physical limitations. Doctors typically prescribe medications for these conditions. By working closely with a physician in monitoring the medication, drivers may continue to drive safely in many instances.