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Edwardsville Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Car accident injuries send 2 to hospital, claim 1 life

When an Illinois resident is involved in a car accident, there are many concerns. This is especially true if a car accident results in injuries. Medical expenses, loss of income that may affect mortgage payments or rent and other financial obligations, along with questions related to health and car insurance can cause high levels of anxiety.

A husband and wife were recently involved in a car accident in Tazewll County. The County Sheriff indicates that the crash happened on a local roadway in the early evening of a recent Wednesday. The report states that the 35-year-old wife, her 42-year-old husband and another passenger were northbound when a southbound vehicle crossed over into their traffic lane.

Cross-over car accident kills 1, injures another

Driving on Illinois roads can be dangerous, and even drivers who keep a proper lookout can be caught unaware. Many drivers have lost their lives in collisions that were caused by drivers crossing the center line and traveling into the path of approaching vehicles. In some cases, unsuspecting drivers suffer life-changing injuries that may be devastating to victims and their families. One such car accident recently claimed one life and caused traumatic injuries to another person.

A preliminary accident report by the Oak Brook Police noted that the crash occurred on a recent Thursday morning. The report indicated that a westbound car on a local roadway veered across the median and entered the lanes of approaching traffic. Her car is said to have crashed head-on into an eastbound vehicle.

3 hospitalized after alleged drunk driving accident in Illinois

As Illinois drivers are approaching the holiday season, the number of car accidents caused by intoxicated drivers will likely increase. For many individuals, this time of the year is a sad reminder of lives lost or severe injuries suffered in accidents caused by drunk drivers. Police in Rock County reported that three people were injured on a recent Tuesday morning in a suspected drunk driving accident.

A preliminary police report indicates that the collision occurred shortly after midnight in the vicinity of the Quad City International Airport. Apparently, an eastbound pickup truck operated by a 62-year-old man crossed into the westbound traffic lanes. It smashed head-on into an oncoming SUV.

Teen charged after car accident claimed passenger's life

An Illinois family recently suffered a horrific loss when their 17-year-old son was killed in a car accident. The teenager was a passenger in a pickup truck along with two more passengers and the driver when a high-speed crash caused his death. The 17-year-old driver of the truck is now facing aggravated DUI charges in connection with the car accident.

According to a preliminary report, deputies were called to the crash scene at about midnight on a recent Saturday evening. Upon arrival, they found a pickup truck that had left the road and had gone through a ditch and struck a tree before smashing into a house and rolling over. The driver and two of the passengers reportedly fled from the accident scene on foot. When a tow truck arrived hours later to remove the car, the lifeless body of another teenager was discovered once the overturned vehicle was flipped upright.

Car accident: Car wedged under semi kills 1, critically injures 2

One of many crashes on Illinois roads that have recently claimed the lives of young people who are on the brink of adulthood occurred in Harvey on a recent Wednesday evening. One person was killed, and two more suffered critical injuries when the vehicle they were traveling in became trapped underneath a semi truck. Police reported that they had reason to believe the car accident resulted from the driver being distracted and possibly speeding.

An accident report indicates that three men, all about 20 years old, were eastbound on a Harvey road when they came across a northbound semi that was in the process of making a left turn. Officers say the truck's turn into the rail yard was perfectly legal. For unknown reasons, the car carrying the three young men smashed into the semi and their vehicle was wedged underneath it.

Drunk driving accident: Statistics are eye-opening

Impaired driving is a matter of great concern nationwide, including in Illinois. All people can be victims of a drunk driving accident, whether they are occupants of other vehicles, passengers riding with intoxicated drivers or pedestrians. It is reported that the United States is annually burdened with $50 billion in costs related to DUI crashes. Average figures indicate that one such accident is recorded every 45 minutes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics for 2009 showed that one-third of fatally injured victims in accidents caused by drunk drivers were people other than the intoxicated drivers. By drinking and driving, drivers also risk their own lives, as two-thirds of fatalities in DUI accidents were the drivers themselves. It has also been recorded that crashes involving alcohol are four times more likely to occur after dark, and the rates double during weekends.

Father dies in motorcycle crash 9 months after daughter's death

The father of a young Illinois woman who was killed in an apparent drunk driving accident in January lost his own life in an accident on a recent Saturday afternoon. This tragedy occurred less than two months after the deceased man's wife filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who was allegedly responsible for the accident in which their daughter was killed. Three bars that allegedly served alcohol to that driver on the night of their daughter's death were also named in that lawsuit. The motorcycle crash that killed the father occurred almost exactly nine months after his daughter's death.

The Illinois State Police reportedly responded to a call about a multi-injury accident on Route 3, near Rockwood, and found two motorcycles and three injured individuals at the scene. A preliminary accident report indicates that a 27-year-old biker stopped as he was heading north on Route 3 and then proceeded to make an illegal U-turn. When a 53-year-old motorcyclist came around a bend, the turning motorcycle was directly in his path, and he crashed into it.

Passenger dies in alleged drunk driving accident

When a loved one is killed in an accident while traveling as a passenger in a vehicle that is operated by a drunk driver, it would be only natural for the surviving family members to want to hold the driver liable. Drivers are responsible for the safety of their passengers, and deaths resulting from a drunk driving accident are always preventable. An Illinois family may choose to take legal action after the recent death of a loved one under such circumstances.

A police report states that the accident occurred in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday. The driver allegedly ran a red light and drove in the wrong traffic lane before striking multiple vehicles that were parked on both sides of the street. The vehicle then rolled over, and the front seat passenger had to be extricated by emergency workers.

Illinois child severely injured in hit-and-run car accident

When a 12-year-old Illinois boy was recently struck by a car, his two friends did what had to be done. One called 911 while the other one tried to keep the seriously injured boy calm. The person who caused the car accident reportedly left the scene. Emergency workers arrived to find the child severely injured and rushed him to a hospital.

It was reported that the boy crossed the road on his bicycle on a recent Saturday afternoon heading to a park on the other side. The driver who struck him failed to stop and left the injured boy without checking on him. Police located the suspected hit-and-run driver later. The 34-year-old man is now facing charges of drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident in which injuries were suffered. Furthermore, he was charged with driving without a driver's license and driving without insurance.

3-vehicle car accident blamed on distracted driver

Drivers on Illinois roads are expected to be alert at all times. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for fatigued or distracted drivers to put their lives and the lives of others on the line. Authorities suspect that distracted driving was the cause of a multi-vehicle car accident that occurred on U.S. 51 in Perry County on a recent Friday afternoon.

Reportedly, a southbound pickup truck with a horse trailer crossed into the northbound traffic lanes. The horse trailer overturned after the pickup struck a box truck. The impact upended the box truck. The 41-year-old pickup driver continued traveling in the northbound lanes of the highway until the vehicle collided head on with a passenger vehicle. The car that was struck was occupied by a mother and her toddler.