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Illinois family upset after sentence for drunk driving accident

At about midnight on an October day in 1996, an Illinois mother and her friend were pushing her broken-down vehicle off the roadway. A man who was later found to have been intoxicated smashed into them. The mother was killed on impact, and her friend suffered severe injuries in the drunk driving accident. The driver reportedly fled to his home country after entering a guilty plea in 1998.

After years of thorough investigation, the driver was located and extradited to the United States in March of this year. The drunk driver, now a 75-year-old man, was recently sentenced to five years in prison. However, it was reported that when taking eligibility for parole and days spent in custody into consideration, he will likely spend no more than two years in jail. The Cook County prosecutor asked for the maximum sentence of 14 years, while his defense urged the court to not judge the man by only one day.

Excessive speed on icy roads may lead to a car accident

Many people in Illinois will remember the winter of 2013-2014 for many years. The exceptionally cold, snowy weather affected the entire state. Extreme weather conditions pose many hazards, and extra care is necessary whenever motorists take to the road. Freezing rain and sleet often cause ice layers on the roadway, and the slightest driver error could result in a car accident.

Many people believe that car accidents on icy roads are always caused by reckless or inexperienced drivers, while excessive speed remains detrimental in icy road conditions. Marketing campaigns often show vehicles traveling at high rates of speed through snow, misleading motorists to believe that modern vehicles are equipped with the necessary safety equipment and tires to allow safe driving at high speeds. Regardless of the safety technology your vehicle is equipped with, losing control can happen in a split second.

Pickup and combine auto accident claims life of Illinois driver

Accidents that involve large farm equipment and automobiles often result in fatalities. The sheer weight and size of heavy farm machines is enough to crush a passenger vehicle in such an auto accident. An Illinois woman recently lost her life when her vehicle crashed into a combine harvester.

The Illinois State Police reported that the 65-year-old woman, along with an 80-year-old passenger, was northbound in a pickup truck on Illinois 1 on a recent Wednesday afternoon. At the same time, a 73-year-old man was eastbound on a country road that intersects with Illinois 1. He was driving a combine harvester, and it is alleged that he proceeded across the highway after briefly stopping at the intersection. However, he apparently failed to yield for the approaching pickup truck.

Bicycle accident leads to claim against fire department driver

Drivers in Illinois are required to yield when bicyclists have the right of way. Bicycle riders are extremely vulnerable because they have no protection, and it is not uncommon for a bicycle accident victim to suffer severe injuries or even death. While most drivers are aware of other vehicular traffic when they want to turn at intersections, some fail to keep a proper lookout for cyclists.

In a claim that was recently filed in a Chicago civil court, a cyclist alleges that a driver who happens to work for the Chicago Fire Department caused an accident that resulted in severe personal injury and property damage. Although the fire department is also listed as a defendant, it is unclear whether the driver was on duty or whether he was driving a vehicle belonging to the fire department when the accident occurred. The plaintiff asserts that she was riding her bicycle in a lane designated for cycles when the man allegedly turned without yielding. She claims that the defendant made an unsafe right turn without signaling his intention to do so. Furthermore, she claims that he failed to stop or reduce speed in order to avoid knocking her down.

How to recover unexpected medical expenses after a car accident

It is not uncommon for drivers in Illinois to find all kinds of distractions while on the road. In addition to the apparent need of some to operate mobile devices while driving, the development and construction sites along the way provide a constant distraction. Unfortunately, it only takes a split second in lack of concentration to cause a car accident with devastating consequences.

The fast pace of modern life may also be to blame for many accidents. Traveling at high rates of speed, rushing through intersections to beat red lights and lack of patience to yield before turning left may contribute significantly to the high numbers of injury accidents on our roads. Injured victims of such accidents typically experience anxiety and often have many questions related to the financial impact of the accident.

Driver arrested re alleged hit-and-run car accident in Illinois

Walking along Illinois roads may prove to be extremely dangerous. The parents of a teenager who was only 16 years old have to face a future without their son after a tragic hit-and-run car accident on a recent Tuesday evening. While it is not uncommon for hit-and-run drivers to remain unknown for long periods, the efficiency of authorities in this case saw the alleged perpetrator behind bars in no time.

It was reported that three teenagers were walking along Edwardsville Road in Granite City when a car came up from behind and smashed into two of them. The driver apparently failed to stop at the accident scene and continued on his way. The one teen suffered injuries to his leg, but his friend who was by his side was killed on impact.

Police search for pickup driver after hit-and-run car accident

The father of an Illinois university student resorted to Facebook to urge an alleged hit-and-run driver to come forward. It is not uncommon for a victim of a hit-and-run car accident -- and his or her loved ones -- to have many unanswered questions in the aftermath of such an accident. It is difficult to understand how a driver could just continue driving after knocking down a pedestrian.

The deputy chief of the Charleston Police reported that the hit-and-run accident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon. The accident report states that the student was struck by a pickup truck as she crossed the street. The victim suffered a severe concussion and was taken to the hospital by helicopter. Although she was soon discharged to recover at home, such injuries could have long lasting and even life-altering consequences.

Illinois city considering solution after another bicycle accident

Illinois residents may share the concerns of residents of Bloomington over the number of serious accidents between cars and bicycles. After a recent bicycle accident -- the second within a month -- the cycling community wants to make sure the city follows through on proposed plans to build cycling lanes. The city is reported to be finalizing its master plan for cycling lanes.

Although plans have been approved to extend existing paths in a specific area, cyclists are asking for the expansion of cycling lanes in several areas. Motorists and cyclists have to abide by similar rules of the road. However, the number of accidents between cars and bicycles is thought to be much too high. It is felt that an extended network of cycling lanes may bring about a significant reduction in accidents. The vulnerability of bicycle riders who have very little protection -- other than helmets -- often lead to severe injuries and even death when struck by vehicles.

Motorcycle accident more likely to result in death than car crash

According to studies by the federal government, 30 times more motorcyclists died than motorists in 2009 -- when calculated per traveled mile. There are significant numbers of motorcycles traveling on Illinois roads, and there are many reasons why people prefer this mode of transport. The fun and sense of freedom, along with lower transportation costs contribute to their popularity. Motorcycles with enhanced performance capabilities may encourage quick acceleration, risky maneuvers and excessive speed that could result in a motorcycle accident.

While the steering and braking systems of cars often allow for safe movement during emergency situations, motorcycles are not as stable, and riders often fail to control their motorcycles when emergency braking or swerving is required. The risk of death is significant in any motorcycle accident, as a rider -- or passenger -- usually bears the brunt of the impact with their bodies, even if a high rate of speed was not a factor. Understandably, being a passenger on a motorcycle is just as dangerous as being the driver -- if not more so.

Driver receives 7-year sentence after drunk driving accident

One often wonders whether intoxicated drivers realize how their actions impact the lives of victims of car accidents caused by drunk driving. It is not uncommon for individuals who were involved in a drunk driving accident to suffer life-altering injuries, or worse. After the recent sentencing of a driver who pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI charges, the Illinois victim said that while she was satisfied that justice prevailed, it does not improve her condition that was caused by the accident.

The police accident report stated that on the evening of April 16, the victim left her business and proceeded to her vehicle that was parked in the street in front of the building, directly opposite the police station. A witness reportedly saw a minivan stopping and a passenger emerging. He was seen pulling off, smashing into a car that was parked and backing up, striking the victim and her car. Upon hearing the crash, police came out of the police station to see the minivan speeding off.

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