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Edwardsville Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Rear-end car accident claims life of Illinois driver on I-70

An investigation by the Illinois State Police and a crash reconstruction unit, along with the Fayette County Coroner's Office is underway after the death of a motorist on a recent Thursday morning. The fatal car accident reportedly occurred not far from St. Elmo on Interstate 70. An accident report indicates that the traffic on the interstate was at a standstill at the time of the crash.

According to the report, a 40-year-old man from Altamont was stopped behind a semi-truck when another vehicle smashed into the rear of his car. The impact apparently jammed his car under the trailer of the big rig, entrapping the driver. Sadly, he was declared dead at the accident scene.

2 die in car accident when armored truck driver loses control

Imagine seeing a life-threatening occurrence unfolding while traveling on an Illinois highway; the fear and indecision of how to avoid it must be indescribable. An elderly couple of Robinson might have had to cope with such fear before a recent crash that claimed their lives. Edgar County Police reported the fatal car accident.

According to a preliminary report, the crash occurred on Highway 49 at approximately 11 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. Initial reports said that a semi was involved, but it was later determined that an armored truck struck the vehicle that was occupied by the 82-year-old driver and his 79-year-old wife. Police reported that the truck veered off the roadway, and the driver over-corrected, causing it to enter the opposite lanes.

Car accident may have caused cardiac arrest that killed woman

An Illinois woman seems to have suffered a cardiac arrest during a crash in Joliet on a recent Sunday evening. This is still being debated because the coroner declared that the 63-year-old woman died from injuries suffered in the car accident, but the police reported that a medical condition caused her death. An autopsy is reportedly planned that will bring clarity about the cause of her death.

According to a report by the Joliet Deputy Police Chief, the SUV in which three women were traveling was T-boned by a passenger vehicle. That vehicle was operated by a 17-year-old teen who allegedly disregarded a stop sign. The SUV reportedly came to a halt after it hit a concrete block at a residence.

Illinois pedestrian killed in car accident was SIUE student

A 25-year-old student at Southern Illinois University's Edwardsville School of Business recently lost his life on a street in St. Louis. This car accident -- initially believed to have involved two vehicles -- is still under investigation. First reports indicated that one vehicle entered an intersection on a green light, striking a pedestrian and tossing him into the path of another car.

An investigation by the St. Louis Police Department later determined that the first car never made contact with the pedestrian. In his effort to avoid the car, the pedestrian may have moved into the way of the second car. Reportedly, he suffered fatal injuries when he was knocked down by the second vehicle.

Car accident fatalities in Illinois reach alarming numbers

The Illinois State Police recently expressed their concern over the alarming increase in fatalities on the state's roads. A spokesperson for District 16 reported that the year to date increase in car accident fatalities in that district is 133 percent. State Police say that up to April 21, 289 lives had been lost on Illinois roadways this year, compared to 231 for the same period last year. That is a disturbing increase -- particularly considering that statistics show that over 94 percent of vehicle occupants are buckling up their seatbelts.

Authorities have identified three areas that have proved to be the most hazardous, and it was said that the high speed limit in these areas may contribute to the high fatality rate. Officials are reportedly working with the Illinois Department of Transportation to lower speed limits to 55 mph in areas where the current limit is 65 mph. Authorities said the number of brake marks left in the zones with 65 mph speed limits is evidence enough of the hazards presented by such high speeds.

Cross-over auto accident may lead to wrongful death claim

No criminal charges are expected to follow a fatal crash that claimed the lives of two individuals from Cutler. According to the Illinois State Police, the auto accident occurred shortly before 9 a.m. on a recent Monday. An accident report indicates that three vehicles were involved in the fatal collision on Route 150 in the vicinity of Steeleville.

Police say a 39-year-old woman with a passenger was westbound in a sedan when -- for unknown reasons -- she veered across the center line. Her car reportedly first struck an eastbound trailer that was pulled behind a pickup truck that was operated by a 40-year-old Sparta man. Then the westbound sedan smashed head-on into a semi truck that was immediately behind the trailer.

2nd fatal car accident in I-90 construction zone in 3 weeks

Illinois residents who use of the Jane Addams Tollway when road construction is underway do so at some risk. Despite all the publicity about National Work Zone Awareness Week between April 11 and 15, one person was killed in a fatal car accident in the construction zone on Interstate 90 during that time. This follows another construction zone crash that also claimed the life of one person and injured several others only three weeks earlier.

The most recent collision involved a car driven by a 79-year-old Elgin resident and a tow truck. The circumstances that led to the death of the car driver and injuries to the tow truck driver were not disclosed initially. The investigation is ongoing. The crash on March 25 killed one person who was traveling in a rented limo; six other occupants were injured.

A victim describes her life after a drunk driving accident

The losses for victims of car accidents are often much more than financial. An Illinois woman from Quad City described how a drunk driving accident changed her life. She and her son were traveling in Moline on Airport Road last November when an alleged drunk driver crossed the center line and smashed into them. That driver was subsequently arrested for DUI -- his fifth arrest for impaired driving.

From her wheelchair in the nursing home where she has been for the past five months, the woman described the humiliation of having a stranger wash her body and having to call for help to go to the bathroom. Her injuries included a torn rotator cuff, a broken sternum, bilateral fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. Also, the injuries to her legs were extensive -- her left knee was dislocated, her ankles were crushed, and she suffered multiple fractures in both legs and broken bones in her feet.

Hit-and-run bicycle accident kills Fayette County rider

Most motor vehicle operators in Illinois keep a lookout for bicyclists and pedestrians. Nevertheless, incidents continue to occur in which bicyclists are knocked down by motorists -- often with devastating consequences. It is also not all that uncommon for a driver who caused a bicycle accident to flee the scene without stopping.

A 30-year-old bicyclist was traveling west on U.S. Route 40 in Fayette County shortly before 6 a.m. on a recent Monday when he was struck by a car that was also westbound. The driver allegedly failed to stop and check on the victim, and he also did not file a police report after the accident. Investigators with the Illinois State Police identified the alleged hit-and-run driver as a 31-year-old man.

Limo in auto accident kills 1, injures 5 en route to airport

A limo accident on I-90 on a recent Friday morning injured five passengers and took the life of another. An off-duty rescue worker happened to be a few car lengths behind the limo at the time of the auto accident and said it was a violent crash. He ran to help the occupants who were all trapped in the limo and reported that they could only be rescued after the windows were smashed by a hammer.

Although the accident investigation is still ongoing, a preliminary Illinois State Police report suggests the driver was blinded by the sun. This might have caused him to crash the limo into a concrete wall. The vehicle rolled over, trapping the occupants inside.